Monday, October 8, 2012

shhhh….don’t wake momma…

I’m being brutally honest, and confessing that I, Sarah Sanchez, am a horrible morning mother.

Ideally, I like to rise between 7 and 8, on my own terms, and to a peaceful quiet morning.  I despise my alarm, and cringe when I hear the pitter-patter of footsteps coming towards me in the morning. 

Just 5 more minutes. 

Just one more dream. 

Just please…don’t.  wake.  me.  up!


After fighting it for many years, I’ve come to this conclusion: God just didn’t wire me to be a happy, early riser.  Or maybe He did, and in my own stubborn-ness, I continually show Him that I need to be taught how to own this life skill the hard way.  Building character is never an easy process.  Boy, am I learning that.

Despite my attempts to go to bed at a reasonable hour, to eat healthfully, and participate in a regular exercise program, I’m just never ready to wake up when it’s not on my terms.  In other words, when I am awakened, mostly by the four little blessings whose noise fills the rooms of our house, very early each morning.

No my dear son.  I didn’t need to be awakened by you to find out that the baby had powdered your bottom.

No my lovely daughter, I didn’t need to know that you are STARVING at 6:15 this morning because you dreamt about ice cream all night.

No…I don’t need to know that you have 50 more yellow LEGO’s than red ones, or that your back is sore because you think you are growing a back-fin like Shark Boy.  Or that the neighbor is mowing his lawn is his underwear, or that you’d really like to go to the store to buy a new pair of pink clip-clops to match your Sleeping Beauty dress for Halloween.   True stories…..

No.  All of those things can wait.  Just five more minutes.  Until I am up, and dressed, and ready to start the day.  Ready for all of the questions, and tattles, and very very loud songs.


You may though, wake me up to tell me that the baby has colored all over herself with permanent marker. Again.  Or if the boys are fighting and wrestling and have punched a hole in the wall.  Or if the baby escaped outside and is running through the sprinklers naked.  Or if the cat has climbed up the drapes and is now stuck on the curtain rod. 

Those of course, never seem as important to report…

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Brittney said...

I know the feeling! I am NOT a morning person, yet my children insist that I am. We have very similar scenarios in our house too.