Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TOT School - 20.5 Months

The Baby is getting used to our new routine with TOT School,
and is really loving the one-on-one time she gets with me
doing these special activities.
She can often be found following me around throughout the day,
 while carting around one of our school bins,
saying "Pees?" (Please) or signing "more".

Here is a look at what she did this week:

She did the Dinosaur Magnet Sheet from Making Learning Fun,
and used our home-made fuzzy pom-pom magnets.

She played with our Dinozone Dinosaurs...

And made each of the dinosaurs "eat" the plants...

She also got out our bin of plastic dinosaurs...

And dumped them out...

And gave them all kisses!

She also played with some Melissa and Doug

She put them on our "magnet wall" that we made out of
a piece of tin sheeting and colorful duct tape.

Once she was done with the magnets,
she played with her Leap Frog Fridge DJ.
She loves this toy and plays with it often.
(I think we all know every song it plays by heart!)

She spent a lot of time reading, as usual.
We had a huge selection of books out for the week,
and she looked at all of them several times.
She would even follow me around with books in hand,
saying, "Pees!"

Another thing she loved doing this week,
was playing with this Feed the Dog game from Lakeshore Learning.
She used the tweezers a little, but mostly used her fingers to
transfer dog bones from the dog dish to the dog mouth.
This game came out several times this week.

I got out our Diego Dominoes for D week with the Diva
and The Baby wanted to play with them too.
First she put them in and out of our stacking cups...

Then we made a domino train...

And let the dinosaurs walk on top...

Until T-Rex came by and messed up the train!

She also did the dog puzzle from Beginner Pattern Blocks 
by Melissa and Doug.  She did very well with the circles
but was frustrated with the triangles and squares.

This is her "Hooray!" face!  Too cute!

She asked to play with the momma and baby ducks
from our game Duck Duck 123, and
practiced "Quacking" like a duck.

Here she is with more dominoes.  She loved to
pour them out and lay on top of them!

I got out our green Knobless Cylinders for her to stack
and play with.  She spent a lot of time placing them into
the white baskets and then dumping them out again.

She is really into her Leap Frog Little Touch Leap Pad.
(Look at that mess around her!  You can see she is really having fun!)

Here are just a few pictures of her having fun outside.
She loves to be outdoors, especially with her siblings.
She just recently started learning how to put on her shoes, and
will often come to us with them on the wrong feet, or half way on,
asking us "Pees?" and pounding on the door to go outside.

Every girl needs a pink Coupe!

Great work my l'il Baby!

Posh Princess Preschool - Letter D

I am so proud of The Diva! 
She is doing great with her letters,
and has been practicing them all daily!
One of her favorite things to do is search for Alphabet letters
where ever she is!  She proudly proclaims,
"Look! A letter C! Watch...this is how I write a letter C!"
She is loving school, and asks for more and more work each week.
I love her enthusiasm!

This week she learned
Letter D for: Dinosaurs, Dogs, and Ducks

First she learned what the letter Dd sounds like.
We used our Leap Frog Fridge Word Builder for this.

Then she did her Dd for Dinosaur page from

Then she did her play-doh page and
cut out a letter D with this set.

We also turned on some music from the Letter-of-the-Week Playlist on my ipod.

My kids all love Dinosaur Train on PBS.
This is a printout from pbskids.org.  It's dinosaurs from A-Z.
She also got to play Dinosaur Train Games on the computer a couple times this week.

I set out our Melissa and Doug Wooden Dinosaur Magnets and
these Dino fact cards by Monopoly...

We matched up the dino with the matching fact card...

And learned about a few Dinosaurs!

She laced a few dinosaurs from a lace and trace set like these...

And then drew her own Dinosaur, which she named
"Sleeping Beauty".
I love her creativity!

She did the Dinosaur magnet sheet from
Making Learning Fun and used these

We both played
This is a great dice game! 

And did a Dinosaur floor puzzle...

We read tons of books this week.  These are a few of the
dinosaur books we read.

I found this dinosaur felt set and she loved playing with it!

And got to do a T-Rex floor puzzle with big bro...

Did her smallest object page...

Colored a Dd for dog page...

And letter Dd hunt...

We got out our Melissa and Doug See and Spell so she could
spell d for duck and d for dog...

And did the dog from our
 Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards...

Stamped the letter D with this set...

Then she did this really fun Feed the Dog game from
Lakeshore Learning.  She used the tweezers to place little dog bones
into the dogs mouth.  We also used the bones for a counting activity.
There are lots of ways you can use this game, it is so much fun!

Another thing she did was letter Dd for dog from

I got out this compound word activity that I made for the
boys a few years ago.  It took her a little bit to catch onto
the concept, but once she did, she asked to do it several times.

She matched up the pictures to make a new words:

We are still reading our BOB Alphabet Books,
and All About ABC's by Nora Gaydos.

Towards the end of the week, we started doing our Dd for duck activities.
One of The Diva's favorite games is this one,
Duck Duck 123 by Cranium.
After spinning the spinner, the Momma duck travels around
the board to find the baby duckies.

She loved reading all of our duck books...

And made a letter D for duck craft...

Then we told the story of The Ugly Duckling with some
story cards and our felt board.

She is still playing with her Leap Frog
 My First Leap Pad, but is kind of growing out of it.

Here are a few fun pictures from the week:

Climbing up a tree...

Picking some flowers...

And of course, no week would be complete,
 without a little Diva drama..

Next week: a week of review Aa, Bb, Cc, and Dd.
Also some number and shape activities.