Friday, March 29, 2013

Peek at our Week {Spring Break?!}

I’ve really got to do a better job.

I mean, I think I probably have failed my kids miserably in the category of “How to entertain yourself during unstructured time.”  If there even is such a category…

You can go ahead and understand this to read: Spring Break stunk

I didn’t really have any high hopes or big plans for the week, other than a couple of play-dates, picnics, and lots of time at the park if weather permitted – which it did not.  But I really didn’t expect to be dishing out copy-work, to the theme of I will talk sweetly to my Mom and I will not steal.

Yea.  It was that kind of week.  On top of that, I had a rough week with my leg, probably because of the constantly changing weather.  Oh well. 

On to the details…


We started off the week, by treating the kids to breakfast at The Egg & I.  I think we may have officially crossed over from the kids’ menu to the grown-up menu for the boys.  Isaac was finished with his pancake and sausage before my plate was even sat down in front of me.  No joke!  Then he loaded up his sausage patty with so much hot sauce, his cheeks and ears turned bright red.




Saul gave both the boys a haircut.  You can see how excited Nate is.  He had his hopes on growing it out, but after failing a two week trial that required him to brush his hair every day, he didn’t have any choice but to be buzzed.  Maybe next time Nate.


As I mentioned before, Nate ended up with a fair amount of copy work.  What started out to be a simple correction, ended up lasting through the week. One of these days, I’m hoping anyway, this boy of mine will learn how to use nice words when talking with me…


We met up with some out of town friends for a very fun play date.



Elaina had her Dress Rehearsal for the Good Friday service at church.




And we had our annual Easter Feast and Communion Meal.  Elaina helped me make the bread.



The girls played with their Pony’s all week long.  And dress up. 




Friday we all went to church and watched the program and Elaina dance.  She did a great job!  She is born for the stage, this girl of mine.  As we piled into the van after the performance, we heard her crying in the backseat.  After asking her what was wrong, she cried out, “I did all of that hard work!  I practiced and practiced, and worked so hard!  Where is my award?”

In my shock and surprise, it was all I could do to muffle my laughter.  I told her it would be ok, and that there are things we do just because we enjoy them and they bring glory to God.  And then I assured her that her reward was in heaven.  “I don’t even know what that means mom!  I want my award!”  Oye…

Lucky for me, just then I got a text asking us to return to church because there were flowers waiting for her there. Phew…saved by the carnation…


The girls got matching sandles for Easter.  Aren’t they cute?




We had a lovely Easter together.  Church was amazing, the afternoon was relaxing, and our meal was delicious!


Saul even brought me a large bouquet of my favorite flowers!


I didn’t do a lot of cooking this week.  Mostly because I wasn’t feeling very well.   I did make a pan of Chicken Enchiladas and a Southwestern Salad.



I did go all out for our Easter Feast and our Easter Dinner.  I made Brioche for the first time.  It was AMAZING!  So rich, and buttery.  Definitely making it again.


I also made a Beef Roast, Smashed Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert.



This next week should be much better. Back to routine and that is usually a good thing.  I have an appointment to get my hair cut.  I’m thinking about going a lot shorter.  We are getting ready to start our new Old Testament Bible study and hopefully our new science too.  We’ll see if I’m feeling better and up to it…

Our Weekly Wrap-Up