Tuesday, March 25, 2014



I love a good list!  Here’s one just for fun.

1.) Kid Snippets:

I LOVE these videos!  Like really truly LOVE them!  They make me laugh on those days when I really feel like screaming.  Or crying.  Or otherwise act childish because things are not going my way.  Check this video out and then watch a few more.  I recommend: Book Report, Cooking Show, and Kid History 2.

2.) KIND Bars

Kind Bar

I’m usually not hungry for lunch, probably because I make such big breakfasts.  Some fruit and a granola bar and I’m set most days.  Except going gluten free means most granola bars are out.  I found these KIND bars and love them!  So good!  Try them and tell me what you think.

3.) Springs Bargains

This website keeps me updated on all the best deals.  She makes it her business to know the best prices on everything, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time going over adds or coupon clipping.  Maybe your town has a similar site?

4.) Beaute d’Orient

Beaute d'Orient

My favorite perfume.  Makes me happy all day when I wear it!

5.)  Rookie Photo App

I never pay for apps on my phone.  I’m too cheap.  This is my new favorite photo app and it’s free!

6.) Dear Diary Sad Cat Video

We all love our funny cat, Duck.  But we don't always love all of his habits.  This video is for anyone who has a cat and can relate.  Funny!

7.)  Waterdeep

I love this mellow Christian band.  I was recently introduced to it and find myself listening to it most days.  "You are beautiful my sweet sweet song..."  I really like this peaceful and simple version.

8.)  Downton Abby

Downton Abbey

If you haven’t started watching this series, you should.  I dare you not to like it.  Saul’s sentiments: “Darn you…I really wanted not to like this show…”

9.)  Ghirardelli Dark & Sea Salt Carmel

chocolate salted carmel

Who would ever think salting candy would be good?  But it is.  Really.

10.)  Goodreads

I'm pretty particular about what I read, so unless a book has been recommended I'm not likely to read it.  This site is perfect because not only does it give lots of reviews, but also recommends similar books/authors.  Check it out if you haven't already.  Oh and if you have a book to recommend, please leave it in the comments!