Saturday, December 15, 2012

old man winter

There’s nothing like a bit of cold snow to get you in the spirit for Winter.

I happen to have 4 kids that LOVE to play in the snow.  Even if it’s only a few inches deep.  Even if it’s only 15 degrees outside.

In fact, the older three kids have asked repeatedly when in the world is it gonna snow

We woke up Sunday morning to a fine dusting of the powdery white fluff, and they couldn’t wait to get home from church to play in it.




We barely had a dusting, but that didn’t deter them from gearing up in full blown snow wear in order to launch a few snowballs, and make a snow angel. 



Elaina is usually the first to come back in, begging for hot cocoa even after warning her I don’t have any. She likes the idea of being in the snow more than actually being in it.


Olivia needs a lesson in which snow is not ok to eat.  She grabs at it with reckless abandon, and eats it until her lips are frozen and her cheeks are red.



Nate usually complains of freezing and only stops moving to form another snowball or dodge behind a tree.  His constant motion ended up knocking over his sis, who un-knowingly walked in his path.



Isaac is literally in heaven in the snow. 

Even as a toddler we had to fight to get him to come inside.  He could dig and play until dark if we’d let him, and if we’d send out food and hot cocoa occasionally…


They are already hoping for more snow before Christmas, and I agree.

There’s just nothing better then a white Christmas!

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