Saturday, March 2, 2013

Peek at our Week {Toasters & Technology}

We took a bit of a break from normal school this week.

I seems with undying regularity that every year during this time of year, we are scheduled for an intense season of character building.  I don’t know about you, but I could handle these seasons a bit better than I do.  I’m certain now, that I am as much a candidate for the growing and pruning as my children are.

I have a strong resolve and inner conviction, that when these seasons arise, they must be met with priority.  Everything else will be put aside, while we address the matters at hand.  Rather than simply surviving, we will all relish in the attention the “Gardener” is giving us, in order to properly grow and bear fruit.


Aside from the character building, we had a pretty nice week.  We spent a lot of time together, involved in quiet and fun activities.

Each of the kids helped shred soap to make home-made body wash and hand soap.  This really saves our family a lot of money.



Saul took apart our toaster in hopes to repair the one side that doesn’t work.  He got it to spark, but had no luck in fixing it.  I guess I’ll have to break down and buy a new one…

Isaac had a hard week. 

His school lessons are coming along nicely, but the character building lessons are painfully slow.  We keep plodding on, and addressing them as needed, putting aside bookwork in order to accomplish the heart-work that is far more important.  I am trusting God to fill in whatever educational gaps there may be, and praying that our time in His word will bear fruit in due season.



Isaac continues to amaze me with his creative abilities, and tender heart for his siblings!



Since Isaac and Nate do everything but math together, putting aside bookwork for one, poses an interesting dilemma for the other.  We continued with our Bible lessons each day and our read a-loud The Sign of the Beaver.  Other than that, Nate did independent work and had a lot of time with technology this week.



His new favorite is Math Blaster, and he is cruising right along in the levels.  He also played a fair amount of chess and solitaire, which I’ve labeled lessons in strategy and sequence.  Cleaver, right?


He started highlighting his favorite verses in his Bible, and is enjoying our daily devotions in Proverbs.  He amazes me with the clarity he understands scripture!





Elaina enjoyed her “easy” week.  All we did was focus on reading lessons.  We are still using Mia to supplement her learning.



She spent a lot of time drawing, as usual, and even made a book.  She’s an awfully stylish artist, don’t you think?


We did a few other crafty things together this week too.  She spent an afternoon beading bracelets for each of us.



We are still pretty deep in snow around here.

The kids have enjoyed playing out in the sloshy wet stuff each day.  Olivia is a pro at getting dressed in her full snow-apparel, asking only for help with her gloves.



She had a great week of “school” and playing, favoring this peg stacking game and magnetic animals.



We are both enjoying our Wednesday’s so much!  This week she helped me clean the bathrooms.  I know, I know, sounds like amazing fun!  She thought it was, and cheerfully wiped windows, swept floors, and scrubbed toilets.


She is still asking for her braids every day, and rides her little trike around the house. 


She had a fair amount of technology this week too, and played with her My First Leapster, the LeapPad, and the XBox Kinect. Her attention to play alone continues to grow, and we often find ourselves to be stepping over her dolls, dress-up clothes, and books. Most days I wonder why I bother getting her dressed, since she spends much of her time changing from one gown to another.  The life of a princess-in-training is such a messy one!


I did pretty well with my cooking and eating this week, though I did make a few more desserts.  I even lost another pound!  Woot Woot!


Apple Crisp

I made Monkey Squares, a new Brownie recipe, and my grandmom’s Apple Crisp.

DSC00400Cucumber Salad

Cucumbers were on a good sale, so I made my favorite Cucumber Salad with Feta and Pine Nuts.  I also tried out an Asparagus and Red Pepper Saute that even the kids thought was yummy!

Monkey Squares


Cuban Pulled Pork Tacos, Meatloaf and Home-Fries, and Ravioli were on the menu too.  Pretty good eats if you ask me!


Elaina learned how to make Biscuits using my special way of doubling them up.

It should be a pretty laid back weekend.  Saul is working, and the kids and I don’t have much on our agenda.  We are working through a stack of movies we checked out from the library this week, and even a couple of Kinect games.  We are loving the Nat Geo Challenge and Toy Story 3

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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