Friday, April 5, 2013

Peek at our Week {Lego Wars, SAMS Club, and a New ‘do}

Oh! Happy Day!

Spring Break is over and we are back to the grind.  One of these years, I hope to give my kids a real Spring Break and actually go somewhere really fun…oh well….


We had a decent week.  The kids finally started the Apologia Zoology 3 and the new Old Testament Bible study I’ve been working on for them.


I’ll share more about our new curriculum in a separate post, but so far, we are all really enjoying it!


I think it’s funny how he writes like this….time for another vision check?!


The three older kids have had some pretty serious Lego building going on.

Isaac has been working on this house all week, and has even added a second story deck and a garage to it since I took the picture.





Nate and Isaac revealed their plans of someday opening up a Lego store that’s connected to a book store.  I think that suits both of them perfectly!



Olivia had a great week!

She’s been trying out all of her new spring dresses, even on the days she should have been wearing something much warmer…


I set out our Primary Science Set for her, and that entertained her for almost an hour.  She had to keep batting away her siblings who each begged for their own turn.  I forgot how much fun pouring, dumping, squeezing, and splashing water is when your three….or six….or eight….





Saul treated me to a trip to the salon.  Which was waaay over due.  I had them cut just around 10 inches off the length.  Can you believe it?  I’d have easily gone shorter, except my romantic husband requested that I keep it below my shoulders.



This week was sadly lacking in the kitchen area…

I confessed to Saul that I would really rather prefer to serve cereal for breakfast for a while to ease up on the never-ending supply of dirty dishes that greet me at the end of each day.  Truthfully, I was feeling tremendously lazy, and a lot of it was due to some severe pain issues that I’ve been dealing with.

We made a trip to SAMS club and stocked up on cereal and Go-gurts, my go-to for easy breakfasts.


While we were there, we filled our cart, like we usually do, with lots more than we planned to get.  Am I the only one suckered into all the “end-of-the-isle-taste-a-sample” impulse buy’s???



The kids and I made a batch of Oatmeal Cookies and shared some with a new friend I made through my last Bible study.  She is 80 and absolutely lovely.  The kids warmed right up to her and introduced themselves to her very politely.  It didn’t take Olivia too long before she was calling her “BaBa” which is her word for “Grandma”.  Too sweet!



Friday was my Girls’ Night Out.  This week Joanna had us do a collaborative art project that was so much fun!  I really love these ladies!


Saul is working again this weekend, though his job is pretty slow right now.  My only plans are to relax and stay off my feet to try and get my pain back to a much lower baseline.  My Dad and Gina are coming down to visit on Sunday too, and visits with them are always lots of fun Smile.

Our Weekly Wrap-Up


Denice said...

So glad you're back! I really missed your blog!!! Love the new look by the look awesome. You got less hair and it looks like Saul got more? Gotta love a man with a beard. The kids have grown so much. I miss you all. (Oh, and tell Olivia I'm BaBa!) I love you!

Jenny K said...

I'm so glad to see you're back! I've been stopping by checking for posts regularly.

I'll definitely be back to catch up on all the posts you put up. :)

Love your new haircut!

Paige Cullenbine said...

This is amazing! You are so creative and fun! I really enjoyed looking and reading. xoxo