Friday, May 31, 2013

Peek at our Week {May 31, 2013}

I hardly took any photos this week.

Except for First Day.  I took a lot then. Smile


It was partly because my camera was giving me fits, and partly because I was so busy getting caught up after last weeks illness.  We had a lot of school to do, and I had a ton of chores to get caught up on.

On Sunday, while we were cleaning out the kids’ closets, we found a birds nest in Isaac’s closet.  Five teeny blue Robin eggs.


We also started some new chore charts this week.  They are basically beefed up versions of what they have already been doing.  No need for summer boredom, right?

After reading through all of the lists, Isaac smartly asked, “If we are doing all of these chores, what exactly will YOU be doing mom???”

Ahem. Excuse me ?


Isaac had a hard week, and spent a lot of time goofing off instead of getting his school work done.  Our summer schedule is pretty relaxed, but school takes first priority.  It has to be done before playtime can start.  As it is, the boys are only doing math, Bible, and science a couple days a week. 

Total bummer when you choose to slack off during school time and then miss out on the fun stuff that happens later in the day…




He did help me plant my flowers in the front gardens and air up his sisters bike.

I guess we’ll keep him!  Smile



Nate’s been trying to acclimate to our new summer routine, but he did “earn” some extra chores this week due to a poor attitude.



He’s mostly been reading a lot and keeping himself busy with some of our school toys and games.



Elaina was in a crafty kind of mood this week.  She painted nearly every day and cut and pasted her pony’s.


Ahh..that toothless smile still kills me….



Elaina has officially finished up with her Kindergarten materials, so we supplemented her week with “first grade” games.  That was so exciting for her!  I did get her new math book this week that she is so excited to start next month.




All the kids are doing great with the Bible study.  We are going through Baby Moses this week.


It was so nice to have Olivia back to herself. 

She did a lot of school and played outside a ton.  I printed off this My Little Pony pack for her and Elaina and they had a blast working through it over the week.




She is in a real puzzle phase right now too.  She went through stacks and stacks of them.






We worked in the yard quite a bit.  Trying to green up the grass with strict watering restrictions is going to be super challenging.  While Saul was setting the sprinklers, he found this huge Black Widow spider.

Ewe….this really creeps me out.

After we showed the kids, and reminded them NOT to play with shiny black spiders that have a red hourglass on their belly, Saul smooshed it dead.



There isn’t much to speak of our eats this week.  I did a little bit of baking, but the heat is starting to dampen my desire to turn on the oven.  We have had record heat this week.  No Bakes are perfect for that!  And a yummy batch of scones to fatten up the girls and Nate, who lost too much weight last week.



We had a lot of fend-for-yourself  kind of meals.  And a lot of would you like to supersize it kind of meals. Isaac’s meals are the funniest.  This plate has meatballs, nuggets, and a PB&J sandwich.  After he polished that off, he was searching the cupboards for more.  Oye…that kid can eat!

I can honestly say, in my 9 years of mothering, I have rarely had weeks like this, without lots of home cooking.  Better figure out a menu and get myself to the grocery store soon…

How was your week?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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