Saturday, July 13, 2013

Peek at our Week {July 13, 2013}

Peek at our Week Mudpies and Makeup

I love a man in an apron.

As un-masculine as it may seem, this chic loves seeing her man in a floral apron.  Mostly because it means he’s cooking.  And I love getting a break from cooking!

Plus he cooks up some mean fried eggs.  Winking smile


It could be also because I had to do this all week.

This makes week 5 of no dishwasher.

I know I probably sound like a big ‘ol baby, but washing dishes by hand is a big ‘ol drag.  At least I have some pretty cute helpers!  Winking smile



Our family from Wisconsin stayed until Monday.  They were so sweet to invite us and treat us to a trip to the Cliff Dwellings and a yummy lunch out after church on Sunday.  The kids had a blast walking through the dwellings.










On Monday they took the older three kids to mini golf for the first time!  They loved it!  Olivia and I got to relax at home and get some much needed down time.  We all ended up napping later in the afternoon.  Winking smile



The cat got a bath this week.

Like I mentioned before, he seems to have given up on grooming himself.  He came back after a two-day long romp outdoors completely black with dirt.  I had to wash his white fur twice before the water turned from dark brown to clear again.  He’s fluffy and soft now, and smells a ton better, though his tail is rather scraggly from having to cut out some large matted hairballs.  Hopefully it grows back soon.



Isaac has been super chatty lately.

I’m sure that I am paying my dues, since my knick-name when I was his age was Magpie

He’ll talk about just about anything that pops in his mind, and does so very freely all day long.  And I mean…We bounce from topics like light bulbs, legos, and cow-poo. While I’m sure there will be a day when I am begging him to talk with me, right now at the end of the day, I am just all talked out! 


We did a bit of school work, just to keep up on skills and routine.  Elaina did her reading and the boys did a few writing projects.  Nate wrote up a paper titled “How To Fish in 5 Easy Steps” and included a cartoon of his experience while camping.  It was pretty cute!  Both boys have completed their math books, so we just practiced multiplication skills.  We’ve been using these Wrap-Ups.



Olivia did some practice with counting, colors, and shapes.




Three times in the last two weeks, I have found Elaina to be missing an earring.  Friday I found her sans one earring again and even though I sent her to hurry and get another pair, it had already closed up.  Sad smile

I’m not exactly excited about rushing out to get them re-pierced.  She is way too dramatic and will have to wait.  Plus, it costs around $50, and she has already had them pierced twice!




Good Eats Mudpies and Makeup

There wasn’t a whole lot of cooking.  We ate off the leftovers from the weekend until my fridge looked like this:


I’m feeling in a major food slump so I raided my cookbooks.  I came up with some new ideas, but time will tell if the kids will like them or not…



Out of desperation, I made homemade tortillas.  I haven’t made them in a while, but they turned out pretty yummy anyway.  I used this video in case you want to try and make your own.  Winking smile






They were perfect with the big pot of beans I made. 

We had Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Pasta one night and pizza another.  The rest was fend for yourself.


I did make Saul a huge pancake for breakfast this morning!  It was bigger than his plate…


Saul is off this weekend and I am hoping we can do something fun.  We do have plans to celebrate my grandma's 80th Birthday!

Next week is VBS.  While it’s always a really fun week, it’s also super exhausting.  I’m glad I got to relax a bit this week beforehand.

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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Zoe Celeste said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had a great week! I wanted to take Faye to the Cliff Dwellings before we left, but I ended up never having the time to squeeze it in. :( I think Elaina's earring falling out is an important lesson to Faye...hopefully. That girl is always nagging us to get hers pierced, but I don't think she'd take care of them. Isaac is a chatty guy and I always loved that about him! He kept me so occupied on the trip up to the Aquarium! The rest of the family is looking great and I agree, a man in an apron is a beautiful site!!! ;) P.S. I love your camouflage hat! Kick butt!