Saturday, November 16, 2013

Peek at our Week

Nothing much new around here. 

Just plugging away at the day to day.  I can’t believe we are halfway through November already.


The kids have finished their primate unit.  We were scheduled to start rododentia next, but a certain teacher mis-read the syllabus and planned ungulates next. ahem

This was a fun unit.  I’ll be sharing everything we did in a separate post later.  Our read aloud for the study was The One and Only Ivan, which was a little hard to get into, but so good in the end.  Actually, I cried for the last chapter.  It’s always nice when the teacher can’t keep it together during school and her eldest student has to give her permission to cry if she feels like it.

We also read Hello, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me.  I got ready to start another on Friday afternoon, but after announcing the title, Nate professed, “Oh I know this one.  The horse dies in the end.” The other kids were not very excited to read it after that.  Some peoples kids, I tell ya!




Duck finally started feeling better after the weekend and his heavier dose of antibiotics.  It took him until Thursday though to start walking on his front leg.  Now he is back to his rambunctious self, running a muck, and chasing after unsuspecting kids.  This afternoon, he chased Nate down the stairs, so I guess there won’t be a permanent handicap for him.  He’s asking less to go outside, which is good.  I’m pretty set on keeping him inside from now on.


I mentioned last week that Elaina finished her math book.  She played a lot of math games this week, which is a pretty sweet way to practice math skills, if you ask me.




The kids are talking a lot about Thanksgiving.  This is the first year I have noticed a lot of reminiscing between them.  “When are we going to put up the Thankfulness Tree?” and “Can you make Cranberry Thanksgiving Bread?” and “Please make extra mashed potatoes.”

Saul has asked me to try brining the turkey this year, so that will be an adventure for sure.  We will host again, since Saul has to work.  I actually like to host and do all of that cooking!



Olivia had a fun week with H is for Horses. When I asked her if she wanted to do school she’d yell, “I LOVE horses!”  Something tells me insects will be less interesting for her.



I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of school planning lately.  Truthfully, I’m struggling a bit with balance.  I really want to give my kids a well rounded education and I work really hard to make it fun.  But that leaves me pretty pooped out for the rest of life.  I’m feeling like a real home-body lately and dread going out to run errands.

Mostly that means that I put off grocery shopping until we have absolutely no food in the house and only one roll of toilet paper.  I guess I’m one of those moms now..


Elaina got a fun surprise on Thursday when her BFF showed up (from DC) for a play date. She wins the prize for the longest traveled for a play date!

It was three hours of bliss for them, screeching, giggling, and carrying on.  But when it was time for her to go, Elaina was miserable.  She cried big crocodile tears all through dinner.  I felt so bad for her.


To try and cheer her up we had a mommy/daughter pampering session.  I gave her a facial, painted her toes, and snuggled in bed reading princess books until it was late.  A great big hug and half toothless smile from my girl proved it helped, at least for a little while, get her mind off being sad.  Saying goodbye to a good friend is hard, no matter how little or how old you are….



Friday we had a play date that got cancelled, so we did one of our Fun Fridays instead.  The kids had a blast! It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to have a Fun Friday.  We made flubber, played games, did a few puzzles, and read lots of books.




Nothing too fancy for food again this week.  I made my mom’s recipe for Chicken Piccata, Sloppy Saul’s with Home Fries, and Potato Soup.  I also made some sweet bread that I topped with a honey butter glaze.  The kids went ca-razy for it.  I think they could live off of homemade bread though.




Saul is home with us again this weekend.  I am taking Nate clothes shopping, which should be interesting.  He’d rather do just about anything but shop for clothes.  He even volunteered to stay home and rake up more leaves instead.

Peek at our Week


Nicole said...

Do you do a letter a week with her? I cannot get into a good routine with gabe. He still seems so young to do school but I know he isn't! I'm thinking after his heart procedure ill start a letter a week. Probably borrowing all your ideas! I love that we seem to have a similar take on how to school young kids!

Jhuana Hale said...

You're week is definitely full and fun. My last name used to be Sanchez. I am a filipina and I always like your blog post. you're definitely fun to read about. Keep it up.