Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peek at our Week

Despite some bitter cold temperatures that kept us locked in the house, we had a pretty nice week.

Boy does it feel nice to say that!

It was especially comforting, after sharing this post and revealing my heart, to receive a small reprieve from constant struggles.


I’ve completely changed how I am doing school with Nate.  After just one week, we have discovered that it was necessary and needed for both of us.  It’s not a perfect system, but has given me valuable insight on how he works best.  I also think it is preparing me for some other changes that need to take place next school year.


We’ve been talking about the Olympics during our morning Journal time.  Two of our writing prompts were “What Sport Would You Compete In?”, and “What Event Would You Create?”


Of course Elaina chose Ice Skating.  Her made-up competition was “Ice-Dance-Sing” because, lets face it, what’s a competition without a sing-off?   Smile



Isaac spent the week begging me to let him out to play in the snow.  It finally started warming up later in the week and he has spent a lot of time building snow creations, including a snow fort, several snowmen, and a snow horse that was quite impressive.  This kid is built for a cold climate!



I introduced the kids to pointillism with a Valentines Day theme.  They all did a great job filling in the spaces with dots.


Elaina had another reading breakthrough this week, which was so exciting!  She started on a new set of readers and took off with the first three stories.  For the first time EVER, I found her reading aloud to herself IN HER FREE TIME….

This girl never chooses to read in her free time.




She mostly worked on hands-on math this week (this Free Printable) and finishing our Giraffe Unit.  She wrote a story called, “If You Give A Giraffe A…” and we did a giraffe painting together that turned out amazing!  I will share more about it later.


Olivia worked through L is for Ladybug this week.  On a whim, I thought I’d do a letter assessment with her and she knocked my socks off by knowing all but four letters.  She even knew many of the letter sounds.

I’d like to take credit but truthfully I think she learned them from watching The Letter Factory video…



We also worked on counting to 20, and did this printable on the four seasons.


I made some Valentine’s activities for our Fun Friday, and I also printed a set of Bible Verse cards to (hopefully) encourage me in those rough parenting moments.


I took my own advice and made some vegetable soup this week.  (Potato, Sausage, Kale recipe here.)  The weather was absolutely frigid and perfect for it.  The kids don’t really like soup though, and a girl can only eat so many leftovers....


I also made Pork Chops in Mushroom Gravy, Chicken Piccata with Capers, Beef and Bean Tostadas, and Pizza.  I baked up a Spaghetti Squash for the kids to try, and like I suspected, only Isaac liked it.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve had one, and I really enjoyed it.




I was a very good girl and only baked up one treat (these brownies), and a Parmesan Twist to go with our soup.  We’ve been using this pan that my mom got me this summer, and I love it!  (Thanks Mom!)

I’ve had a bit of a rough weekend dealing with some health issues, but it has given me ample opportunity to watch the Olympics.  Are you watching?  I love them!

We are looking forward to another great week!  I have a Valentines Party planned for the kids for Fun Friday and we are getting ready to start up a new unit in science.  What’s planned for your week?

Peek at our Week

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