Monday, April 7, 2014

Peek at Our Week

I guess there is finally enough pictures and new information worth sharing...

It's been a little while.  My camera is so close to dying, and I haven't been using it much.  Even still, without the camera to prove it, life is still going and paving an interesting path for us Sanchez's.  Although we are pulling through some hard schooling issues, I can happily report to the kids' good health, and a few new and fun experiences.  Here's what's new:


Isaac has continued to have a pretty difficult time.  Rather than sound like a broken record, I’ll just leave it at that.  He’s been building a lot of new things with Legos and K’nex in his down time, and has taken to dribbling the basketball during his outside time each day.

photo (13)photo (14)

He is going through an Ameritowne Unit at The Arts Academy and will be going on a fun field trip at the end of it.

Ameritowne is a simulated "town" where the students pretend to run a real town. They have jobs, receive paychecks, deposit their paychecks into the bank, apply for shop loans, invest in stocks, give money to charity, and buy goods and services with their paychecks. It is a lot of fun for the students, and teaches them real-life skills.”
As part of the unit, all the students ran for different offices, and Isaac ran for Mayor.
photo (8)
photo (16)

We discovered a bald spot on his head, a new nervous habit he has developed I guess.  Saul shaved his head and now he is trying to leave it alone while it grows back out…


While he was at it, Saul cut Nate’s hair too.  He is far too busy to bother with combing it, so off it goes!

Nate is doing very well with his independent style school.  He has become a clever (albeit slightly sarcastic) writer and a phenomenal speller.  He is happy with the warmer trend in weather because it means he can be outside a lot more.

photo (17)


Elaina LOVES her new curriculum!  She is really cruising along with her reading lessons and finally making great progress.  She is starting to feel very confident with her handwriting skills too.  It is really fun to watch her progression. Smile



We did a bit of St. Patrick’s Day themed work last month.  Aside from that, I have kept her schooling very simple.



She bought herself a baseball and bat and has been practicing with Saul in the afternoons that the weather is nice.  (I think it’s time to get this girl a new bike…its looking pretty teeny.)


Olivia has been so much fun!  I really do love teaching this age.  She begs for school and was so excited to be included in the new curriculum.  I have started the Explode the Code series with her and she is doing so well with it.  We are up to letter O in our LOTW.


She is like most little American girls and driving us batty with Frozen mania.  The songs, the movie, the hairstyle….oye.



Poor Ducky was full of mats.  I had to buy a special tool to get them out.

I don’t recommend it unless your cat is very docile…


We’ve been cat-sitting my brothers cat.  She promptly ran away from us, up into the ceiling of the basement.  We hear her bell from her collar late at night, so we guess she gets down to eat and do her business, but she is not a happy kitty here.  I can’t imagine it would be all the noise.  Or kids.  Or the mean boy cat.

No.  I’m sure it’s not that.


It’s springtime in the Rockies, and that usually means snow one day and 60’s with sun the next.  We had a really beautiful snow this week, but the next day it was all gone.


The kids all had dental appointments.  I was a very happy momma because there were NO cavities this time!  Then the dentist said it was time for an Ortho consult for Isaac, and all my joy was squashed…braces

photo (9)

photo (10)photo (11)

We had an opportunity to serve with Kids Against Hunger during our churches “Be The Church” Sunday.  You can see their webpage here.  All the kids did a really great job serving!

(Basmati Brown Rice Pilaf with Capers, Peppers, and Herbs)

I’m still navigating this whole Gluten Free business.  It’s been interesting for sure.  It’s hidden in a lot of things so we are stuck replacing a lot of our condiments and recipes with new ones.

(Turkey and Smashed Spuds, GF gravy)

(Pesto Portabella and Spinach Pizza)

Gluten free pizza is pretty lame, especially when you are used to really yummy homemade crust.  At least there is an option for me though, so I don’t get too grumpy watching everyone else eat ooey gooey normal pizza.  Maybe another month and I won’t feel so deprived anymore. 

Maybe…after I get my hands on a suitable gluten free brownie.

Peek at our Week

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