Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peek at our Week

These boys of mine have me second guessing everything lately. 

Like is it just my boys, or do all ten year olds from the male species spend their days thinking up crazy stunts and gross things to do with their bodies?


I’m thinking it’s actually the lack of follow-through thought that gets them most in trouble.  It goes something like this:

“Hey.  I have a great idea.  You climb up on my back and I will run around the yard as fast as I can while you hold one of those tree branches and try to stab stuff with it.  It’ll be like jousting only better because there won’t be any horse poo to clean up.”

To which the other kid says, “Uh…ok….sure!”

Neither one of them is thinking about the consequences or likely injury, that given their history, is most likely going to occur.

So when their mom looks out the window and screams:
“Don’t even THINK about running around the yard carrying your brother on your back!  You could drop him and break his neck, and then he’ll probably never walk again. And if that happens I’m making YOU push him around in the wheelchair!  What are you thinking anyway – that his bones are made of rubber?  Put that stick down – since when are you allowed to run with sticks anyway?  You could actually poke your eye out!  Haven’t you learned anything?? Don’t you roll your eyes at me….” 

(I know.  I’m a bit prone to drama.  Hey, I like to present my kids with a hearty dose of reality.)

They have the audacity to actually act shocked at these revelations.  “Really?  You mean, I could drop him?  And his bones could break?  Huh.  I never really thought that could happen!”

You get the idea. No follow through thinking going on around here….


And then there is the ever-present phrase, “Come look Mom!”   So I innocently wander over to the screen door expecting to see a beautiful flower or chalk drawing on the patio, only to be stunned and shocked with something really icky.

You know by now, this mom should be worried when she hears those words.  I don’t care if it’s JUST a worm, or a bug, or a snake, or whatever….I’m perfectly happy NOT looking at those gross things thankyouverymuch!

I know they do it just to hear me scream.  Can’t you tell by the smile on this boys face?  Yea.  It worked.  I scream every time.

I can’t help it. 


I just about had a heart attack when one morning this week, Isaac confessed that something strange happened in his sleep last night.


I so do NOT want to be having this conversation with you son….

Luckily it was just a re-occurring dream about robots.  Phew.  Now that I can deal with.


Despite the shenanigans, we really had a very nice and mellow week.  While the girls are actually just as crazy and prone to wildness as their brothers are, they just had a bit of a boring week in the drama department. That is fine by me -  I can handle boring no problem!


I think part of the reason we had such a nice easy week (or boring if you choose to look at it that way), is the sheer volume of ice cream bribery that I invoked.  We served up the delicious dairy dessert like five times.  And I say we very loosely, since I can’t actually eat ice cream without paying the pitiful gut-gripping price for it. Annoyed


The kids completed their schoolwork without any problems and the rest of the time we sort of just chilled.  Saul and I made these paper fortune tellers with the kids, which was fun for them for almost two days.  Do you remember making these in school?  I do.  And I remember getting them taken away by the teacher…



Olivia has had a couple of speech groups now and we get homework after each session.  For now, the group focuses on one new sound each week.  So far she has done “F” and “sh”.  She LOVES it and really considers herself very lucky indeed to have these special assignments to do.  And she is working so hard, it makes me very proud of her! 




My little girl asked for a haircut so I ended up trimming Olivia’s hair almost 6 inches!  It’s still really long, but now it’s easier to comb through.




Elaina is enjoying her month off from school and shocking my socks-off with her reading!  She is reading anything and everything she can which is so very exciting. 


Nothing too fancy in the kitchen, just some good ol’ standbys.  We did have some coupons to eat free at Dickey’s BBQ that we got to use.  That was so yummy!


(Taco Tuesday)
(Hobo Dinners in the crockpot)
(Garlic Chicken Pasta with Garden Veggies)

(Chef Nate making lunch, Popcorn in my new bowls.  Thanks Mom!)
Peek at our Week

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