Friday, June 19, 2015

and then it was summer….

Our pleasantly cool and (record breaking) rainy spring has finally broke into much warmer, and more common dry days of summer.  The kids have acclimated to our new summer routine, of short days of school work and lots of free play.  Here’s a peak at what’s keeping the Sanchez family busy:


Olivia has decided (with her Father’s eager persuasion) that it’s time to ditch the trainers.  She’s had turns with all of us, running at her side, coaching her along.  She still lacks the confidence to try on her own, and frequently loses her temper in a bike-kicking-rage.  There’s a lot of summer left for her to learn though….


We stopped for some Fro-Yo after one of the many doctor appointments we’ve had this month.  We’ve been twice to the eye doctor and dentist each, twice to the Osteopath, and annual physicals for each of the kids.  That’s a lot of waiting in waiting rooms and drives to Parker.  Believe it or not, we still have three more appointments these next two weeks!



We did this fun hike that’s really close to our house, twice!  It’s a four mile trek, and all of the kids did really well.  I was shocked to find moss growing in the the grass near the trail – Colorado never has moss!



Saul finally coaxed a fire out of the wet (rain soaked) wood so that we could have our first S’mores of the season.  Yum!



I got bit by the reading bug again, that is until….


our internet essentials box was delivered.  After three years without home internet, we finally got signed up.  Now it’s “Hello Netflix!” instead of scouring the library for movies to watch in the evenings.


Olivia is going to speech every week now, and it is going well.  (She’s in her Cinderella princess dress Smile)  It’s been a whole year since she started up there, so they did an evaluation and determined that she’s not yet ready to graduate out.  Her speech pathologist is really amazing!  She gives me great ideas to work with Olivia through the week.  The main issue continues to be jaw-instability, but we are also working on sequencing, re-telling stories, directional and positional words, as well as a few letter blends.




Elaina and Isaac are taking turns being kitchen helper this summer.  They both have expressed a great interest in learning how to cook and be more independent in the kitchen.  Right now, it feels like a lot of extra work for me, but I know in the long run, they will both become excellent little chefs!

(White Chocolate Blondie with Raspberries)

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