Friday, October 28, 2011

Character Building {Patience}

Character Building Title

We are on a new adventure!

Won’t you come along and join us? This fall we are learning how to have strong character. We are using the book, A Child's Book of Character Building, book 1, along with a bunch of other activities to round out our experience.
Character Building Patience
PATIENCE: Waiting with a happy heart.
"Be patient then brothers and sisters, until the Lord's coming, like the farmer who waits until the autumn for his precious harvest to ripen, you too be patient and stand firm because the Lord's coming is near."
-James 5:7-8

This week the kids and I learned about being patient. Unfortunately, as I am not an expert on the subject,  we were all tested to our max with many opportunities to practice our new skills!

First, we learned how Jesus patiently waited for Peter to become a great preacher, even though Peter would deny knowing Christ three times. There are so many other examples of patience in the bible that I had planned to go over with the kids, but I was busy unpacking from a recent move (again!) and just stuck with what the book had planned.

The kids colored their coloring pages for the week on patience in the Bible, at home, at school, and at play.

They also learned a new (but old to me) song about being patient and of course, our memory verse.

(Click here for a FREE printable of the song and the Bible verse.)

We did a fun activity called "Patience Please".  I made a little tent in the school room, and placed a basket of candy inside it.  When the kids got downstairs, they all wanted to see what was in the tent.  I gave them instructions, that if they would like to go in and see what was in the tent, they were welcome to, however it would be better if they waited.
I was surprised that none of them wanted to go in after my warning! So Saul went in (as an example) and came out with a candy bar.  They all wanted to go in after that!  But I reminded them that it would be better if they waited.

We read through our bible story, and colored the page, and after that, I gave permission for the kids to go into the tent and take 3 of whatever they saw!  But since Saul hadn't waited, he couldn't have anymore.  (So he made a big deal over it, and pouted and had a big fit, saying that it wasn't fair.)
The point was that sometimes a bigger reward waits for those who wait patiently, and the kids all understood it well!


Then at the end of the week, they all got to watch our  Character Builder Movie on patience.

Character Builders54948

Character Building Contentment

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