Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Science - Human Body

This week we learned about:  The HEART

We continued reading in our Human Body book.
We learned that the Heart is a pump and it's job is to
pump blood through our body.
I also drew a picture of a heart and how the blood flows through it.

The boys learned how to feel their pulse...

And listened to their heartbeat with my stethoscope...

We talked about the rest of our circulatory system:
our blood vessles - Arteries and Veins
and drew a Venn Diagram for what job each of them has.

We talked a little about blood, mostly that blood carries oxygen
that we get from breathing through our lungs.
We must have oxygen to stay alive.

The kids always love these stories!

Later that day we did an experiment.
The kids each felt their heartbeat at rest,
then ran a sprint, and felt their heartbeat afterwards.
We talked about the reasons our heart beats faster when we exercise.
Overall it was a great week!

Next week:  The LUNGS

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