Monday, December 12, 2011

A Double Baptism

“Repent and be baptized, every one of you,
in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins,
and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” 
 Acts 2:38

So the boys and I had been talking a lot about baptism. 
Isaac first asked about it a year and a half ago, at a family reunion, where a cousin
was immersed with Christ in the river at camp.
 Being the inquisitive kid that he is, he asked many questions,
and seemed to have a simple understanding of it. 
 We spent time and prayer with him over the subject,
and felt it may be wise to wait a little while longer, since he was only 5. 
 I’ve struggled with this a bit, because who am I to say what the “right” age is to be baptized? 
I certainly couldn’t find any reference to it in scripture. 
Only that we should all come to Christ with the faith of a child…
A child.

140 (2)

We have been so blessed to be able to homeschool,
which allows for so much time each day to spend teaching and training
our children in the ways of The Father. 
More than I knew as a child their age;
a strong foundation of faith, scriptures and stories memorized,
and a simple understanding of what a relationship with God is.  
 I knew what I had been teaching them about Christ,
and they both continued to ask why they couldn’t be baptized. 
The more time that went on, the less reason I could find to hold them back from their decision.

142 (2)
(They both loved the stained glass in the sanctuary!)
131 (2)

For us, baptism is a very personal thing. 
Something you get to choose on your own, not sprinkled over you as an infant. 
Something you choose to do out of obedience to Jesus’ commands,
and a desire to be reconciled with God. 
Something you do publicly, to profess, proclaim, and announce that
Christ alone is your Lord and Savior. 
 It changes who you are, as you receive God’s gift –
His Holy Spirit dwelling in you! 
 I can think of nothing better as a parent,
 than to have your child profess their love for God,
 and their desire to walk with Him all their days…
No greater joy can my heart feel.

133 (2)

We know and understand that this is only the beginning. 
That our jobs as parents is to disciple them like Jesus would have. 
What would He tell them?  How would He do it? 
It draws me closer to Him, just so I know. 
How do I disciple these precious souls in a way that encourages them,
unconditionally loves them,
 and grows them to an ever increasing, abundant life in Christ?

139 (2)
A hug from Pastor Adam!
150 (2)

We pray together.  We study together.  We memorize scripture together. 
We talk about Him through our day, in all our happiness, in all our trials. 
 We sing praises to Him in the morning, and dance joyfully  in the evening. 
 We thank Him in all things. 
 My desire is for knowing and trusting God, to be as easy as breathing for them.

152 (2)

What an incredibly wonderful glorious day it was! 
 They chose to be baptized together – as if they could ever do anything apart. 
 And Saul got to immerse them.  What an honor!

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