Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tot School–24.5 months

Even though the rest of the kids were in "down" mode and anxious for Christmas Break,
The Baby still really wanted to do her "cool" (school) work!
I am amazed that each week seems to bring a little bit longer attention span for her,
and a developing interest in so many more activities.
Here is a look at what she did this week:


ABC Food Fun came out too, since the older kids are going through a nutrition unit now...

This seemed to interest her for a while!
 Other times I've set it out for her, she has just thrown it all on the floor...

She loved this activity...
Christmas Tree magnet page and Magnetic Counting Chips.



 Sorting Jax into cups...


She still is loving stacking our Montessori Knobless Cylinders
This week she chose the blue ones...


Busy Gears is a favorite still...

My Favorites…




Fun playing outside!


So The Baby has decided that she no longer wants to sleep in her crib. 
Climbing out is a regular occurrence now, and she has gotten so sly and sneaky,
 that often we don’t know she has climbed out until we check on her
 later in the evening when we go to bed.
 This was one night we found her asleep on the floor. 
Other nights, she has been in her sisters bed, or curled up in the corner of the room. 
I have also found her wondering the house at night, and once she was
 sitting by the Christmas Tree at 3:30 in the morning. 
This is new territory for me, as none of the other kids did this!

A cute little smoothie smile!

Next week we celebrate her 2nd Birthday!


Jenny said...

I had read about those knobless cylinders on other sites, but hadn't see any yet. Thanks for posting a pic.

Love all the Melissa and Doug learning toys. We have a few, but there are so many more I'd like to get, including that basic skills one.

Your little one is so cute with her little smoothie smile!

Coming Home to Live said...

Love your idea with Christmas tree and magnetic counting chips! My ten month old is getting the busy gears for Christmas can't wait to get them out and play :)

Brittney said...

What a fun week, and such a cute smile! My oldest used to be the one who wandered at night, and we would find him asleep in his toys, in piles of laundry, curled up in front of the fridge....every room of the house, basically!

We used pompoms and bingo chips our on our Christmas tree!


Victoria said...

My little one started getting out of the crib about a week before his 2nd birthday, too. We still haven't worked out the kinks - I'm SO not conditioned to being up at 1:30 and 2:30 in the morning anymore!