Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moon Sensory Bin

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Here’s a fun way for curious little hands to explore the moon! 
Make a moon sensory bin!

Moon Sensory Bin

Here’s what we used:
Cloud Dough, or you could use Moon Sand 
UFO Magnets (couldn't find link)
Scrabble Letters
pebbles or small stones
Since I’ve never put a sensory bin together before, Elaina wasn’t sure what to think of it at first.
  I gave her permission to play with it however she wanted.
(Within the rules of keeping the cloud dough in the bin, and not eating the cloud dough!)


These Floating Magnet Rings are pretty fun,
and a great way to teach the concept of gravity.

The oblong black magnets are called UFO magnets. 
They are super strong, and make a funny noise when they are close to each other.


Isaac had his hands in the bin the most.  He loves digging and playing in dirt and sand, so this was like having permission to do that inside…


Olivia liked playing in it too.  But I kept having to tell her not to eat it!
Nate liked it the least, and only played with it this one time,
because I was putting it away, and told him it was his only chance.
He didn’t like getting his hands messy or playing with the magnets or toys.
That was really no surprise…


Brittney said...

This looks like so much fun, but I know my boys well enough to know that cloud dough would have to be an outside activity!

Jenny K said...

This is just awesome! I love it!

Stef Layton said...

thanks for posting this - I have been debating doing a sensory bin with my 4yr old but wasn't sure about the age.