Friday, March 30, 2012

Posh Princess Preschool {Astronauts}


Preschool Outer Space Unit


We took a break from Elaina’s regular Letter of the Week curriculum to do a fun unit on Astronauts!

Since the boys have started their Solar System Unit, this seemed the perfect time.  I wasn’t too sure that she would get interested in it, but after I hyped it up a bit, she was really pretty excited!


We started off with The Astronauts Handbook, and read all about what it takes to become an astronaut.  We used the Astronauts Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations for a lot of her activities.


Elaina filled out the title for the book report form, and I filled in the rest with her description of what the book was about.  I love this part to the pack, and believe it helps her remember what we’ve read.


The next thing we did was fill out our Astronaut Schema. 

This was a tool that I had printed for the boys to use, but adapted it for Elaina’s lesson pretty easily.
I just wrote down what she said, and then we used it to tell her daddy what she learned about Astronauts.  She loved sharing that with him!



M for Moon handwriting page...


Letter A for Astronaut: Letter search page.


She used these magnetic counting chips to fill in her A is for Astronaut magnet page.



We went over these cute space vocabulary cards, and then made up some silly stories using them.


We talked about how far away the moon is from the Earth and then measured different distances using her Inchimals.

Astronauts to Earth

This was probably her favorite activity of the week: Astronauts to Earth from Mama Jenn.  We used our photo block cube to play it.



She loved doing these clothespin cards from the pack now that she is familiar with most of the letters of the alphabet.



She organized the rockets from smallest to largest, and then numbered them as well.


This is a fun song included in the pack: Climb Aboard The Spaceship.  We practiced counting backwards from 5-1 and 10-1 and then she “flew” the rocket into space.  We did this one over and over again….




Letter tracing vocabulary cards….


And rocket colors…


Here’s a fun spiral notebook for number writing practice and counting.



We used the shadow cards from the pack to play a memory type game.


She won!

Homemade Star Crayons


The kids and I made these fun star shaped crayons last summer (you can see the tutorial here.)
They were perfect for making a starscape picture!


She made a little Astronaut with a cute poem.  She named him Bud.



We both worked on this Outer Space floor puzzle.


And she played a bunch with the Moon Sensory bin.  (To see more about that click here.)

Overall, it was a great week!  I printed off the Star Wars Preschool Pack too, but we didn’t have a chance to squeeze it in this week.  Maybe we’ll do it for “Ss” week instead….


Shonda said...

Very cool activities! Thanks for visiting Milk N' Honey Learn and Grow! Your kids are cute!

Brittney said...

Great activities! We'll probably do a space theme soon, so this is great inspiration!

Sonshine Classical Academy said...

What a fun study! She's a cutie.

Jenny K said...

You guys always do so many fun activities!

I love the Homeschool Creations packs too. And the starscape and astronaut crafts turned out so cute!