Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a february snow

I love snow.

More specifically, I like snow that is fluffy, light, and dumps in amounts that call for snow days.


My kids like snow too.  Even a light dusting will elicit wild screams in the morning and pleads to go out and play in it.  What usually follows are empty promises of cleaning up the snow-mess, and not throwing snowballs at their sisters’ face.  I always believe said promises.



The boys are old enough to be helpful and will happily volunteer to shovel. 

That usually lasts about 5 minutes until I find they are goofing off, or burying their crying sister in the snow…

I’m sure you can’t relate.



As a mom, I appreciate the opportunity that snow provides. Work, for growing boys to accomplish, creativity for girls to play, and the pure exhaustion that naturally follows.

That nice cozy winter nap that I’d really like to sneak in seems a bit more possible after this.



I love taking snow pictures. 

Something about the crisp white and bright sun that gives beautiful exposure and bright colors.  I can never resist a mini photo shoot on such days, and even take a few romps in the snow with the kids for fun.


I glance over to Nate, who is plowing through the deep sidewalk snow.

“How can you possibly see what you’re doing with your hat pulled over your eyes?”

He’s already too tired to complain when I try to fix it with my own pair of wet gloves.



And then there’s Isaac.

Who’s buried himself in a snow cave, head first.

I try to convince to come out because I can no longer tell if he is still breathing.  I call out his name, and by the lack of movement in his outstretched feet, I start to get worried, and all but drag him out. Seriously, mom?  Couldn’t you hear me laughing in there?
Um, no. 



The whole street is beautiful, the trees covered in shimmering powder and the rooftops glaring white with the sun.  It’s quite a site really. 





Olivia won’t keep her gloves on, and won’t stop licking the snow. Her lips are frozen to a nice cherry-red, and her cheeks are close to matching them. Elaina can’t decide if she’s enjoying it or not and ends up going in early, begging for her hot cocoa.


At least she hung up her gloves.

They all kept their promise, and cleaned up their messes.  There was only one snowball to the face of a sister, and she probably asked for it.  By bedtime they were all dragging around, and quick to be quiet after their kisses goodnight.


I love snow.

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