Friday, February 8, 2013

Peek at our Week {another hard one}

Whew…what a week!

It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions around here.

Between some severe behaviors with the boys and Saul working extra hours, I feel a bit worn out.  Lucky for me, I get a night out with the girls tonight!


Our neighbors invited us to their Superbowl party on Sunday.  The kids were so excited to finally have a chance to check out their backyard.  They’ve been glancing over the fence and drooling over the fun fort and swing set since we moved in last fall.  They had a blast and it was fun for me too! 



We only did a bit of our normal school this week.  Finishing up on the French and Indian wars will have to wait until next week. 




We did move on in our Bible study to Isaac’s Birth Promised (Gen. 18). This is a special story in our family that our Isaac loves to hear.



Truthfully, the boys have both had a very rough week.  They are growing through some tough character building right now, and I am growing right alongside them.  My Ruth Bible study has been hard but timely.  Isn’t God’s timing amazing?



My sweet Elaina has been drawing a ton.  She drew all of the Disney Princesses and hung them up on her wall above her bed.  They are A-D-ORABLE!! 


I’ve had a hard time convincing her this week to work on her reading.  She is such a reluctant reader and really I think it has to do with her own self confidence.  I’m caught between wondering if I should back off a little for a bit, or just keep pushing through. 

What I don’t want, is to push her too hard that she begins to hate reading.  I’ve tried using all kinds of tools to make it fun.  This week we spelled with Play-Dough, but even that got her groaning and throwing a fit about how boring this was going to be.  In the end, she completed her “_ap” words and later told Saul that she had fun with her reading lesson.


She did a bit of work with basic addition problems, and even looked for opportunities around the house to add things together.  Maybe she’s a math girl…





Olivia finally got her big girl bed this week! 

She’s been so excited to sleep in it each night and has blessed us with 6 nights of uninterrupted sleep this week.  Why didn’t we do this sooner????  It was bittersweet to take apart the crib, knowing we won’t have need for it anymore.  Eight solid years of use and abuse and it seems no worse for the wear.  Anyone need a crib?




Olivia was Little Miss Braids this week, and patiently sat each morning for me to fix her hair in her new favorite way.  Quite a change from the screaming and crying she did last week whenever I tried to comb her hair.  She’s growing a ton in her vocabulary finally, and takes us totally off guard when she mutters out a clear and understandable sentence.  Of course, she still says lots of jibberish too, usually when I’m asking her to ask for something politely and use her big girl words…I guess progress is progress no matter how small, how slow, or how stubborn.


I did very little school work with her this week, mostly because she wasn’t interested.  She did sit with us one day and played with the clock and write and wipe flashcards.




My pants have started getting snug again.  It could be all the yummy avocados I’ve been eating….


Or possibly the weekly batch of chocolate chip scones I’ve been making.


It surely isn’t the Chicken Parmesan or Sweedish Meatballs we ate this week.


We’ve tried our best using up the fresh produce from our Bountiful Basket last week.  Most of it was stuff we liked, especially the fruit and beans.  Some of it I’ve got to try and convince my family to try out.


Overall, I was pretty lazy in the kitchen this week.  We had pancakes three times!  I did try out these Biggest Loser Oatmeal pancakes and everybody liked them a lot.  I guess it’s time to start counting calories again and making a better effort to get out and run.  I mentioned this casually to my family and they all groaned…I guess they know by know that a mom on a mission to lose weight is a mom not very likely to make a lot of dessert. 


This weekend Saul works again, so it’ll be me and the kids.  We should probably get some extra school work done, but I think a trip to the park and family movie night is in order!

What are you doing this weekend?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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