Friday, June 14, 2013

Peek at our Week {June 14, 2013}

Peek at our Week1

It’s been a devastating week here.

Our city is suffering through another horrific forest fire.  So many have lost their homes, and so many others are evacuated and just waiting.


On top of record high heat, and unpredictable winds, the fire has raged uncontrolled since Tuesday.  This is one of those times I’m so glad to be mostly disconnected from the media.  Last years Waldo Canyon Fire, was very stressful on the kids.  This time around, we are much more careful with their exposure to what’s going on.



The fire kept us pretty housebound this week.  The smoke made it difficult to be outside much, so we stayed busy with lots of playtime, a fun day with Grandma & Grandpa, and time with our friends.




The kids have finished up Baby Moses and have moved to The Burning Bush, and the 10 Plagues of Egypt.




We finished up with our Bear unit and started our new art program DRAW WRITE NOW.  We have Land Animals book 1 & 2 and will go through them as we complete the animals in our Zoology science.  I’m so proud of all of them, especially Nate who is kind of the stick-figure king around here.  This is really stretching him, and he is doing great!  Smile




All of the kids have signed up again for the Summer Reading program at our local library.  Plus, I’ve initiated my own reading incentive for Elaina.  I really hope to boost her confidence with reading before starting First Grade officially. 

Elaina did start with her new Horizons Math book this week.  She was sooo excited!  I wonder how long that will last…..


Elaina’s bunny FooFoo had an adventuresome week.  He was accidentally left at church on Sunday.  How he was allowed to be brought to church, is another matter entirely.  For now we’ll just say that since I stayed home from church with a febrile Olivia, it must have escaped the eyes of the man.

Elaina spent the afternoon and evening bawling her eyes out, and will hopefully remember from now on, that FooFoo should stay in the safety of our home. Smile



The girls tried out Q-tip painting with Grandma and Grandpa.  We’ll definitely do that again!


The kids ran through the sprinklers on watering day.  They were all freezing by the time they were done.


My folks are back for the summer and are spending their time camping.  I think they were hoping to get a reprieve from the really hot dessert weather, but unfortunately, we’ve had some of our own record breaking heat.


I did a bit of crafting this week and made some Fabric Rosette Headbands and Clips.  Olivia wanted some more tiny beaded bracelets, so I made a few of those too.  I wasn’t in too much of a mood for reading this week, so Saul and I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in the evenings instead.  The movies are so long, it’s taken us 5 days to get through them.  Maybe next time we watch them, the boys will be old enough to join us. Smile

Saul had several early mornings and long days at work this week.  It’s always a good reminder to me when he is gone before everyone gets up, that we are so lucky he is here for nearly every breakfast with us.  It really throws us all off to not have him around in the morning.

Good Eats Mudpies and Makeup





I did as much crockpot cooking as I could this week, and even baked a bit late at night to avoid heating up the house during the day.  I made a yummy Beef Roast and Potatoes, Creamy Ravioli, and a Big Breakfast for dinner.  The rest of the week was leftovers and sandwiches.  Pretty boring.  I’m just not sure what to cook lately.  Nothing really sounds good, and this heat probably has a lot to do with that.

What about you?  What are you cooking that’s fun and interesting?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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