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Peek at our Week {June 8, 2013}

Peek at our Week1

Tell me if you think I’m wrong, but this is never a good way to start a new week.

It’s especially not good when it happens to be “graduation Sunday” wherein your child moves to the next grade level in Sunday School.


They are missing out on donuts and playground time at church for the next four weeks.  Hopefully they will learn to follow the safety rules, and what it feels like to lose Mom and Dad’s trust.

Equally difficult is an early Monday morning trip to the dentist.

Why oh why do I keep scheduling these sort of things so early in the mornings?  And on a Monday to boot?

I guess it’s because I’m in for a bit of self-punishment.


If you ask me, these kids don’t really know how tough going to the dentist can be.  I mean, a movie while your teeth get cleaned, treasures from the box, and a sugar-free sucker to boot?  I want to go to a pediatric dentist.  Please?


The boys did great and had NO CAVITIES!  Yea boys!

The girls each had one cavity that had to be filled.  That will surely be interesting, especially Olivia.  She was less than cooperative for the hygienist, so the dentist had to clean her teeth.  I  think I may volunteer Saul to take her next time.  It was a tad bit stressful with all four of them there.


I rewarded myself and all my hard work wrangling the kids to a night out for dinner. Smile



All four of them have been bugging to run through the sprinklers.  This hot weather has all of us pretty antsy.

Isaac didn’t get to join.  Not even once.  He took three and a half days to complete a 20 minute assignment, and even missed out on a play day with our friends in Castle Rock.  I’m not sure when/if he will figure this out…




The city has some pretty tight restrictions on water usage, so any sprinkler or water play has to be done while we are allowed to water the yard.  It can get a bit chilly late in the evening, but the kids don’t seem to mind it at all.


Aside from our normal summer school work and outdoor play, we are still working on cleaning up the yard.  I enlisted the boys to help.


Isaac of course was in heaven.  You want me to dig in the dirt, pull apart dead plants, and then bag them up.  Sure mom!  I’m in!

No joke he really loves doing this kind of thing.



Nate on the other hand, looked like this the whole time.

How much longer will this torture go on?

Yard work isn’t really his thing.


Elaina had to say goodbye to her best friend from HSA.

That was hard and sad.  She is moving far far away, but we will keep in contact with her. Smile

Good Eats Mudpies and Makeup


After two weeks of not really cooking, I was feeling in a major food rut.  Nevertheless, I made my menu and went grocery shopping.  We made Butter Burgers again, Meatball Subs, Chicken Enchiladas, and Chili.  Nothing fancy, but quick and easy and didn’t heat up the kitchen too much.

We had some of the biggest potatoes I have ever seen in my life!  And our first watermelon of the season.  It was good, but not great.  I’ve never been too good at picking out melons…





I did roast tomatoes and jalepenos for chili.  Saul has been bugging me for some REAL Mexican food.
Not that I can make it as good as he is hoping....

And I made Banoffee Pie again, only this time made it even better with real whipped cream, an extra thick homemade crust, and lots of bananas.  Yum!




Saul is off this weekend and I’m hoping to finish up our yard work and get a few errands run.  Maybe if I’m lucky, a trip to the thrift store.  Smile

What are you doing this weekend?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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