Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School Pics (Fall 2013)

School Pictures 2013

I guess it’s kind of a tradition to have your child’s portrait taken at the beginning of the school year. 

Since we’ve always homeschooled,  we don’t have the option to order the cheesy smiling-probably messy haired-portraits that schools offer with such lovely, and may I add, very realistic backdrops

So this mom’s got to improvise.

Although last years photo session was stressful enough to raise my blood pressure and drive me to grab a tall glass of merlot at the ripe hour of 1:00pm,  it did produce the general look I was hoping for.  Trying to convince four kids that having their pictures taken is awesome fun, is no small feat, and definitely not for the faint at heart.  If you are considering it, be prepared to offer lots of forms of bribery. Threats can work too, but only if you are going for the “scared” look in your photos. 

Also, don’t forget to charge your camera’s battery.  Not that I would ever do something so foolish….ahem

This year was pleasantly fun and relatively pain free.  I didn’t even have to bribe past some gum and dinner out, which lets face it, was more of a reward to me.  Who wants to cook after chasing kids around a big ol’ farm? I most certainly do not!

Here are my beautiful kids:

Isaac – 4th Grade

Nathaniel – 3rd Grade

Elaina – 1st Grade

Olivia – Preschool

Here’s to a great school year!

Want to see last years?


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Zoe Racca said...

Hi honey! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! It makes me want to squeeze the dickens out of eight cheeks and give em all great big bear hugs!!! They all look adorable as always, you've inspired me (yet again) to wanna take a trip to a farm with the girls and maybe even try some pics there myself...if I'm brave enough! We miss the heck outta you guys and wish we could be going back to school with you guys again. :( (Faye would be in Nate's class this year...which makes her miss Elaina even more...) You all look well and vibrant and we look forward to seeing you again...hopefully soon!

Much love to you all!!!