Monday, March 3, 2014

good reads

I’ve been reading a lot. 

Which is basically code for “I’m not doing housework or laundry.”  It starts because there is never anything on TV I’m dying to watch, and turns into “I can’t put this book down so I guess I’m not doing any housework or laundry today.”  Just sharing in case you like to read and are looking for a new book…

The Winter Sea (Kearsley)

The Winter Sea

Oh I loved this book!  It takes place in Scotland and flashes between past and present, unearthing the familial past of a historical authoress.  A little bit romance, a little bit suspense, and a lot of history.  I devoured this book in two days and then couldn’t start anything new because I was stuck in the story.  The ending was perfect!

The Forgotten Garden (Morton)

The Forgotten Garden

I really love Kate Morton’s writing style.  I love the beautiful scenes she paints with words.  This was another flash forward/flash back book about a little girl found on a ship without any family to claim her.  The girl grows up and discovers more about her past, but it isn’t until her granddaughter starts to piece it together that the truth is finally revealed.  This book had me up late at night.  It did not disappoint!

Lost Lake (Addison Allen)

Lost Lake

This wasn’t my favorite Sarah Addison Allen book, but I liked it nonetheless.  Her books are starting to become more predictable to me, but that’s ok sometimes.  It was a very quick read too.  A young widow and her daughter go visit her great aunt at a lake resort.  There she discovers some mysteries about her past and makes a new future for herself.  If you have never read Addison Allen, I would start with Garden Spells!

Violets of March (Jio)

The Violets of March

An author looking to escape a recent divorce, visits her family on an island on the Washington coast.  There she finds a mysterious red velvet journal and tries to discover who the author is.  In the process she discovers a surprising personal connection to it.  This was a fast and easy read and I really liked it.

Shadowy Horses (Kearsley)

The Shadowy Horses

Based around an archeological dig trying to unearth the 9th Roman Legion, this book was mystery, suspense, romance, and history.  It was even a bit of a ghost story too.  I really liked it, but not as much as the first Kearsley book I read, The Winter Sea.

Dad is Fat (Gaffigan)

Dad is Fat

I found this book on the “Staff Recommends” shelf at the library.  It is hilarious!  Saul and I took turns reading it aloud to each other during evening chore time.  If you are a parent, you’ll enjoy his funny and honest look at having children.

Healthier Without Wheat

Healthier Without Wheat

Since I’ve been having so many stomach issues, I’ve been reading about the benefits of taking wheat out of my diet.  I also read Wheat Belly and The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution.  These books are packed with information that I found really helpful.  I just don’t know how I feel about taking out an entire food source from my diet…unless I really have to.

Oddfellow's Orphanage (Martin)

Oddfellow's Orphanage

This was a read aloud for Elaina and Olivia joined in most days too.  It is cute and fun with illustrated chapters.  The characters are so unique and the stories endearing.  Bluebeard Oddfellow opens an orphanage with his inherited riches and opens his door to any creature who needs a place to be loved.  Each chapter highlights the life at the orphanage and how they all find their place with each other as family. The girls loved it!

The Hundred Dresses (Estes)

The Hundred Dresses

A classic with a valuable lesson, this story takes place in a small Connecticut town.  A poor immigrant little girl tries to cope with her poverty and the relentless teasing she endures at school.  The subject may be a little bit ahead of Elaina, but still struck up some good conversations about doing the right thing.

I’m reading now:
Outlander, The Giver, Educating the WholeHearted Child, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

What are you reading??

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Mommy said...

The Giver is a great book. We read it aloud as a family along with the subsequent three books! If you are reading aloud to kids, skip chapter 19 to read aloud but read it yourself! We read The Rats of NIMH aloud too! Great book! Have you read the kids A Wrinkle in Time? Great book! Hoot is another good one to read aloud! We have primarily focused on Newberry Award winners as read alouds and have had only 2 that haven't held our interest! Thanks for sharing and blogging again ;) love, Stacey