Sunday, March 2, 2014


February is kind of a blur.

Dealing with drama and health issues kind of does that to a person.

I stopped posting my blogs because they were feeling repetitive and boring and a teeny tiny bit negative too.  Maybe it’s a winter slump?

(Me and my bestie)

Then I remembered that the reason I blog is for my self: for memories, for thoughts, for goings-on, and all the pictures I keep taking of it all.  So negative or not, I am going to keep trucking, and use it as a time to intentionally look for the good. 

There really is a lot of good!


After much discussion and deliberation, Saul and I decided to make some curriculum changes to our homeschool.  This will mean that the boys will have much more independent work each week, and hopefully allow for the time I need to work with the girls.  This took a bit of time to wrap my brain around, but kids –as they should- just keep growing, and I must adapt to the changes.

This is my feeble attempt at adapting…

(handmade espresso mug to me from Isaac.  Love it!)

While we wait for the curriculum to arrive, we are plugging along with our usual routine, and trying to figure out how to squeeze desks into our budget and into the kids’ bedrooms.  After all, independent work requires an independent space.  One dedicated especially for a kid and his school work.  As it turns out, writing reports while sitting on your bed doesn’t yield the most tidy penmanship…


We’ve moved into rodents in science and King David in Bible.  I’m amazed each week that passes, how much the kids are learning.  Elaina went around all week quoting 1 Samuel 16:7 and even explained what it means to anyone who will listen.  I hope it becomes deeply written over her heart when she becomes a teenager…


Nate has continued having a lot of difficult days.  The break this month has been very good for both of us though.  Next month we will continue in a modified version of this new routine for him, allowing him ample opportunity for the alone time he craves, and a secure structure to his days to keep him on task. 

I am praying hard that it helps him.

(Fun Friday Minute-To-Win-It Games)


The girls are both loving school most days, but what they really love is being together.  Olivia craves to be included in everything her sissy is doing, and most days she is planted right next to Elaina.


Lucky for me, Elaina is a pretty sweet example for Olivia to follow after!


I’m really excited for the new reading stuff I ordered for Elaina.  I decided against the expensive curriculum I’ve been planning to buy and try a different one that I found instead.  I let her choose our next science unit since I let the boys choose when they were her age too.  She really wanted to do ocean animals, so we will dive into that probably over the summer.

(Elaina’s first roller-skating party!)



I am really enjoying this preschool age with Olivia.  I love all the fun activities and crafts and songs and books.  It’s likely because I realize this is my last time going through it and I want to make the most of the time we have.  She is cruising along with her LOTW and just finished letter M.


I can usually still convince her that helping me with chores is really fun and exciting, though her siblings are starting to taint her opinions.  After watching the others have fits last weekend about vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms, she disappeared into her room to color stating, “Chores are bow-ring.”

Thanks guys. 

 (Saul's hair-trim that turned into a full blown haircut.)




I'm trying to navigate some dietary changes, which is proving to be super challenging.  It's kind of like having to re-learn everything.




We will be saying goodbye to a few of these yummy's for a while, but hopefully not forever.

It's a sad day when you can't eat yummy chocolate cake for dessert...


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