Friday, May 9, 2014

Constructive Playthings Review

I am very passionate about teaching my kids, and have done my best to expose them to a multitude of learning experiences from a very early age.

Learning comes easily and naturally when kids have access to high quality and fun toys.  It’s easy to see, after spending even a small amount of time with us, that we LOVE our toys around here.


We discovered Constructive Playthings early on in our Homeschooling, and were lucky enough to live close enough to be able to shop at one of their wonderful stores.  Constructive Playthings is a family owned business that strives to inspire learning, creativity, and fun through their amazing collection of high quality educational supplies and materials.  They are really fun stores to shop at!

They also have a great website that offers a convenient and quick shopping experience.  Check them out here: Constructive Playthings and their Facebook Page.

Constructive Playthings
constructive playthings facebook



Constructive Playthings sent us this beautiful wooden/magnetic bird patterning set.  The girls have enjoyed playing with it so much!  Included are several pattern cards to direct your child’s building. The girls also used our colorful photo cubes to roll the colors as they built the birds.  You can find it here: Building Birds.




Have you ever shopped at Constructive Playthings?  Please do and then let me know what amazing new toy you got!

Disclosure: This post is the opinion of Mudpies and Makeup © 2014.  We were sent this complimentary set of Happy Birds Patterning Set in exchange for an honest review of the company.

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