Saturday, May 17, 2014

the scoop

We are smack dab in the middle of a beautiful May.

After celebrating Isaac’s 10th Birthday, going on a couple of fun field trips, and finishing up with the Academy of Arts, we are gearing down for our more relaxed summer schedule.

(Olivia’s turn to help dry dishes)


The boys are officially registered for public school.

I feel a huge mixture of emotions about it, but ultimately its time and I’m ready for the change.  They still don’t talk about it at all.  Maybe it’s too far off for them to think about, and maybe they don’t really believe it’s gonna happen.  Maybe a school tour will help make it feel more real?


Elaina is getting really burned out with school.  Must be rough to have one hour of responsibility four days a week….

I re-instituted Fun Friday to motivate her to get her work done each day, and that has been helping.  Once we get through May I’m going to give her a break though, and only have her work on reading.




Saul and I took Olivia out to Chili’s since it was our last Wednesday alone together for a while.  I’m seriously going to miss my peaceful Wednesdays with just Olivia…

Afterwards I took her to Target to get a new doll, since her sister pulled the leg off of her first doll.  Yep…That’s right.  Elaina got mad and took it out on poor Peppermint Rosie.  Olivia spent the day howling, “She’s dead!  She’s dead!  Nina killed her!”

(The wonderful teachers at The Academy of Arts)

The older kids had their last day at the Academy of Arts.  Olivia and I went to watch the talent show that both Elaina and Nate participated in.  It was fun to watch them!  They are so brave.  I was way too chicken to do anything like that growing up.


(Teddy Bear Picnic)

We are slowly getting through the letter-of-the-week, but I’ve run out of paper and ink to print all that she needs for it.  I made her a cute Owl pack that she loved doing.  Aside from that, she’s working through Explode the Code book A and a Kumon numbers book.



We had a (mostly) quiet Mother’s Day.  I’m so lucky to have a husband who honors me on Mother’s Day, and steps in to do all the work so that I can have a day to relax.  The kids lavished me with awesome gifts too and that was pretty sweet.



Shorter days of school mean more trips to the park.


Unless you are still struggling with poor time management skills.  Then you get to take your school work with you to the park...


I’ve been trying to branch out with my Gluten Free cooking.  The most challenging part is making sure to have a good variety of options in the pantry and freezer.  That and eating out.  Eating out feels almost impossible.

(Chili from Wendy’s, Sweet and Sour Meatloaf)
(GF Pasta Alfredo, Cesar Salad)

(Spinach and Strawberry Salad)
(Crock Pot Beef Brisket with Onion Gravy)
My Friday girls and I went out to see “Mom’s Night Out”, which was a perfect movie for our group.  We laughed, we cried.  The movie is totally relatable, especially for a mom like me, who is always questioning her worth and value in relation to how well this whole mothering thing is going.  Or not going

Planning on doing a bit of chilling out maxing relaxing all cool this weekend and squeezing in a bit of errand running too.  Somehow my “to-do” list has gotten really long.
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