Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gearing up for Kindergarten

My littlest is growing up.

It’s true.  It’s really really happening.

I can hardly think about it, without getting a teeny bit emotional.  We are wrapping up preschool, starting reading lessons, and saying good-bye to any “baby-ish” things she tells me over and over again, that she is too grown up to use anymore.



I guess that means that it’s time to start Kindergarten.  Having been here three times before, I know there is a lot of exciting learning ahead for her.  This is a huge time of growth, and I feel so honored to be able to witness it.




I’ll be finalizing her Kindergarten plans through the summer.  It’ll probably look very similar to what Isaac, Nate, and Elaina did, just making accommodations for Olivia’s learning style and interests.  She’ll join Elaina for a few of her studies, like science. Bible, and art, while the other subjects will be done with me.  I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE to teach Kindergarten!  I am really excited about this special time with my last Kindergartener. :)    (See Elaina’s Kindergarten Curriculum Post here.)



Since we school through the year, taking breaks whenever we need them, and keeping our plans fairly loose, there probably won’t be a huge “transition” for Olivia as she starts Kindergarten.  The most noticeable change will be this fall when she joins her sister at the Academy of Arts, a homeschool enrichment program that the kids have all been part of.  She is very excited about starting at the “big school with the yellow bus”. 



Overall, Olivia has been a delightful student.  She is naturally curious, motivated, and strongly independent.  Both of the boys at this age required me to sit at their side throughout all of their schooling (too easily distracted) and Elaina required a constant cheerleader (too easily discouraged).  But Olivia pushes back if I crowd her too much.  She wants to do things her way, in her time.  She can stay focused for long periods of time, and while she enjoys being praised and told she is doing well, she doesn’t need it to stay motivated.  One thing we are struggling to balance is incorporating her speech lessons into our daily school.  I am very hopeful that we will continue to see big improvements in this area so that she can graduate from speech altogether. 


Since I’m such a sentimental sort, I’ll probably be posting a lot of what she is doing along the way.  It’s just really fun to have it all documented!

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