Friday, May 1, 2015

Peek at our Week {April 2015}


We’ve started another unit for science: Fish!  Isaac is loving his Greek studies, and is spending time listening to some famous Greek Mythology.  I had him build a labyrinth with Legos after learning about the Minotaur. 

Saul took him to his first Orthodontist appointment this week, to see about pulling his “lucky” extra tooth.  Looks like he’s about 6 months away from getting braces.




Olivia is plugging right along with her reading lessons.  So far she’s learned “at”, “an”, and “ap” word families.  She is picking it up pretty quickly, just like both of the boys did.  It’s really exciting to be able to watch her, and cheer her on as she learns.


It’s been getting tricky to include her speech lessons into her daily school work lately.  She hasn’t been very excited about speech, and usually is fairly uncooperative when we practice together.  Even with switching up activities and including rewards, she just isn’t having it.  I’m thinking it’s time for a break again.


Elaina is suffering from some major “End of the school year, I NEED to be done, I hate school” blues.  She is looking for excuses every day to get out of school.  One day this week, when she had a runny nose, she tried to convince me that she was far too sick to do school and couldn’t she please “just watch movies all day and play outside with Olivia?”

Um….no.  If you are too sick for school, then you should probably be upstairs resting and getting well again.  She stomped her little feet up the stairs and tried really hard to be okay with sitting in her room all day long. Boredom won out though, and not too long afterward, she appeared again, this time ready to complete her school work.  Which by the way was done in less than an hour….oh the hard life she leads…



We got to paint at our last Girls Night Out.  Such a fun and neat idea!  (Thanks Steph!)



Nate has been obsessed with “Field and Track Day”, which is May 4th (Isaac’s birthday).  He talks about it all.the.time.  I mean really….ALL…THE…TIME…I’m actually really jealous of his P.E. teacher, who only has to suggest something, and Nate marks it down in his mental list of “the law according to Mr. Katchel”. 

“Mr. Katchel said that since it’s cool out in the morning,
we should bring a light jacket. 
I’m going to be sure to bring one.” 

Never mind that Saul and I both have been telling him that exact phrase since he was five…

I’m so glad he has found something he enjoys, but honestly, I hated field and track day when I was growing up.  I actually begged my mom on more than one occasion, to skip field and track day.  I know.  I was probably the weirdest kid ever.


(Home Fries)

I’ve had a really rough couple of months dealing with leg pain, so my kitchen endeavors have been simple and mostly our good ol’ standbys.  I’m still getting a lot of offers to help from the kids, who ask nearly every day to cook alongside of me.  It’s actually really sweet, because they take such pride in the work of preparing food for the family.


(Elaina slicing potatoes for Homemade Scalloped Potatoes)

(GF Strawberry Shortcake)

May is quickly approaching, and along with it, a busy schedule.  Isaac’s birthday, our nieces graduation, and several “end of the year” school activities have peppered our calendar.  I’m planning on painting both upstairs bathrooms this weekend, and do some birthday shopping too! Smile

Peek at our Week

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