Monday, August 20, 2012

don’t ask…

I’ve got a little girl who’s been experimenting with body graffiti.

Yep.  That’s right. 

We’re talking all over doodles with any kind of marker she can find. 


Here she was proudly showing me her drawings, in the buff, after her 2nd bath of the morning. 

No luck.  When they say “permanent”, they really mean it.

Don’t even ask me about the walls. 

Or my nightstands.  Or her nightgown and blankie. 

Especially don’t ask me about my beautiful {white} king sized Apt. 9 bedspread.  No.  Please don’t ask.  No need to keep bringing it up. 

You see, I was fast asleep along with the rest of the house, when she crept out of bed, and went down to the school room, and discovered the markers her sister left out, and then proceeded to color everything and anything she could find.  And then brought the marker up to our room to color on the nightstand, the blanket, the sheet, and her nightgown. 


She was sweet enough to snuggle in between Saul and I and fall back to sleep before waking us up.

That way, her innocence would be secure when she woke up and said, “What happened momma?”

Oh this girl has me on my toes…..


Liz Evans said...

lol...too cute! try sun screen to get the marker off. it works for skin, don't know about furniture.

Sarah said...

Ooo - thanks for the tip! I had no idea that anything would get it off. Going to try it later after school....