Friday, August 10, 2012

Animal Study Packs

Welcome to my Animal Study page!
Animal Study Packs Box

Here’s the list of the animal packs that we will be using this year.  They go right along with Apologia Zoology 3 that my older boys are using.  Zoo 3 covers so much more than I have listed here, but Elaina and I chose these animals together.  I’m working hard to get all of the packs done through the year, and will update the links and share these printables for FREE once we’ve done each unit.  Please check back often!  Thank you for your patience!

Many of these animals have a Book Pack to go with them.  Check out my Book Pack page here.

Fox Box

See the blog post: here

Zebra Box

See the blog post: here

Brown Bear Box

Lion Box

Kangaroo Box

Gorilla Box

Mouse Box

Horse Box

Giraffe Box

Giraffes Can't Dance Literature Unit

Elephant Box



Turtle Box

AlligatorCrocodile Box

Frog Box

Dinosaur Box

Spider Box

Rabbit Box

Duck Box

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