Monday, August 6, 2012

Homeschool Plans 2012-2013 {2nd & 3rd Grade}

Homeschool Curriculum 2012-13

Homeschool planning is in full gear around here.

Actually, the inner nerd, and over-planner in me loves this time of year.

This is our 4th year of homeschooling.  When we first started out, we told ourselves we would take it one year at a time.  As we’ve found our groove, it has become harder to not think we will homeschool all the way through.  We all love the flexibility, and individualized education that occurs when learning happens at home. 

That being said, last year was a very challenging year for our family.  We dealt with way more character issues than I ever thought possible for such young kids.  There were several times through the year, when book learning was put aside so that character building could take place. 

After a very thorough look at what we were able to accomplish and what we still needed to complete, I came up with our plan for this upcoming year.  And personally, I think it’s going to be GREAT!  With the exception of math, we’ve decided to keep the boys doing much of the same  things this year.  Here’s a look at what is on the itinerary for them:

Circle Time:  The boys are going to continue to strengthen their calendar skills.  This year though, I am adding a new element: Spanish Calendar Journal.  They are both really excited about this. 

Calender Months
Calender Spanish
BJU Reading2
Reading:  BJU Press Reading 2.  This one I wasn’t sure of, but we already had the stuff so why not?  Isaac is a pretty good reader, but still needs to grow in his confidence.  Nate is an excelled reader and speller but needs practice following directions.  We are going to try it out and if it is totally boring for them, set it aside and save it for Elaina.  Both boys like to read in their down time each day, and we will continue to encourage that!

BJU English2
Composition/Grammar:  BJU Press English 2.  Firming up the foundation for both boys.  I love how this book is laid out!  In addition to this curriculum we will continue with our Book/Discovery Reports.  I have found these to be great tools to practice the skill of reporting information in a written and oral form.  Isaac and Nate have both requested to learn how to write cursive, so we'll do that with A Reason For Handwriting.
Seqential Spelling

Spelling: Sequential Spelling.  We have yet to complete the first book.  We will start there and then I’ll buy the next one in the series.

Science:  Apologia Exploring Creation: Land Animals of the 6th Day.  I chose this because it Apologiacompliments what Elaina is doing too.  It helps to have some subjects that I can teach together as a group and this will be one of those.  This set is based around note booking  and offers each child an opportunity to write and draw what they like to from each lesson.  I am super excited about teaching them this subject!  (I love science!)

History:  Will will continue with our Winter's Promise American Story , doing only the history reading, Make-Your-Own History Book activities, and the Timeline. We have most of it yet to complete.  We’ll also cover some basic geography with it.

Math: This is the only subject they will do differently.  Isaac will move on to Saxon 3, and Nate will move on to Saxon 2

Saxon 2
Saxon 3

Bible: BJU Press: A Servants Heart.  Goes through the Bible from Old to New BJU Servants HeartTestament.  This will be a good review, but also more in depth understanding for the boys.  I’ve scrapped my original plan to complete my own curriculum for now as the massive amounts of color printing has made it cost prohibitive.  Maybe in the future…

Piano:  The boys started My Piano Adventure last spring, both the lesson and theory books.  Isaac is the only one who really enjoyed playing, and practiced without having to be nagged asked.  I’ll offer it for both though and see how far it goes.  I’d love for at least one of my four kids to take up the piano….

Social:  This year we are all excited that the boys were accepted to be part of The Homeschool Academy!  This is a once per week program, sponsored by the public school system, and offers various subjects like Art, P.E., and Social Studies, as well as an opportunity to make friends with other homeschooling kids their age.  (It also gives this momma a break…)

Field Trips:  I’ve planned a few trips for the year. 
The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center is nearby and we plan to visit during September while studying wolves in our Apologia science unit.  Also The Dinosaur Resouce Center is close and we'll stop in there in the spring during our dinosaur unit of Apologia science.  We are members of the Nature and Science Museum and plan on visiting as often as possible, hopefully every couple of months.  (We get to bring 7 visitors with us each time...want to plan a trip with us?)

That about sums it up!

How about you?  What are your plans for the new year?

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Stefanie said...

I love the planning too! Great fun. Sounds like you have a great year planned.

Popping in from the Blog Hop.

Mary said...

We loved Zoo 3! Our plans are on my blog at

Looks like you have a fun year planned!

Sarah Avila said...

Thanks so much for linking up with the Apologia Blog Roll!

It looks like you have a fun year planned!

Hope you have a great year of learning!


Jenny K said...

I love getting to see everyone's curriculum choices. There are so many options to choose from!

Kelsey said...

My 2nd grade daughter is doing the following: English- BJU Press Reading 2, and Handwriting Without Tears 2 Math- Saxon 2 Science- A Reason For Science Level B History- BJU Press Heritage Studies Grade 2 Art- various art projects Bible- reading the Bible as a family and Sunday School at church. I also have a son in kindergarden

Kimberly Smith said...

Just starting out this coming school year with my soon to be third grader and very nervous. We'll see how it goes