Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up {Christmas decorating, doctors, and truffles}


We started off the week by finishing our Christmas decorating. 

It’s tradition to set it all up the weekend after Thanksgiving.  For some reason it felt super stressful to decorate this year.  Maybe it was that all 4 kids were wildly fighting over who was going to help next? 


We had two trees to set up this year, and not enough ornaments to go around. So Elaina and I went to Michaels and bought some white poinsettias and burlap garland to decorate the second tree.  It looks better, but still pretty bare.  I think the kids and I will have to make some new ornaments for it too.  Ooo…sounds like a perfect art lesson!



Elaina’s schoolwork for the week was pretty basic – no theme work or fancy book packs.  We are working on her counting/addition skills with this CD, time telling skills with this game, and spelling/reading with this kit




Isaac is plugging away at his work too and we are finally back to our full schedule with history, spelling, and Bible in the afternoons.  He keeps asking to start his cursive handwriting book, but I want his printing penmanship to improve first.  Honestly, he’s probably right on track with other 3rd grade boys, especially lefty’s.  It’s just me being a bit picky I guess.


Nate had his annual asthma check up in Denver, so the kids and I piled into the van for the long trek up.  I’m not a big fan of “car-schooling” but the whole day would have been a wash, so I gave them their assignments, loaded up their backpacks, and we headed out. 

He had a really good check up and got to whittle down his meds to only 4!


We ended up being locked out of the house when we finally got back into town, and wouldn’t you know it, Saul was up in Denver himself on a service call for work.  So we tried to burn some time at the library while we waited for our rescue.  By this time though, all of the kids were really tired and Olivia was basically running in circles trying to stay awake.  I checked out a few books on CD and we sat in the van to wait instead.


Saul brought me a pack of my favorite candy, to make up for locking us out of the house.  Yea…I ate the whole bag and didn’t even share one!  Go ahead and say it. P….I….G….


Olivia and I spent a perfectly lazy day together on Wednesday when the others where at the Homeschool Academy.  I kept trying to get her to do school, but she wouldn’t have it.  So we snuggled and watched Sheep, ate Mac ‘n Cheese, and then napped together. Hows that for a great day?  :)



I was able to convince her to sit with us for school at the end of the week.  She choose to color mostly and used our homemade heart and star crayons.


She had me cracking up when one afternoon she walked into the kitchen, looked down at some spilled cat food, threw her hands up in the air and yelled, “Are you kidding me? Now I have to clean it!”  She did a good job too and refused any help from me. I do it mom.


Nate is still going through a rough season.  He did surprise me with two wonderful days this week!  These little glimpses give Saul and I hope that it is just a season for him.  It is growing and stretching our faith and trust, as most difficult seasons do. 


I’ve been busy trying to organize a fun family month for Christmas.  There are several ideas I’m going to combine and hopefully it makes for great memories and a few new traditions for us to keep.  I guess I better get the finishing touches on it soon – December starts on Saturday!



It was nice not to have any major home-improvement projects during the week, but I’ll probably try to get a bit of painting done over the weekend. Elaina has been bugging me to fix up her room, so maybe I can get that accomplished. It would be nice too to have a weekend that wasn’t so busy, but that’s just not the way we roll.

That's about it around here.

What have you been up to?

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Steph said...

I too, have a lefty. A girl. Penmanship is not so much a problem, she's pretty neat but A LOT of other things are challenging like learning to do a cart-wheel, learning certain things about the piano were a challenge...she just uses her left hand for most things all the other kids around her are using their right and sometimes, it funny.

Anyway, I dream of living in Colorado! Your homeschool looks really great(fun and educational). I believe we will grow to that soon enough.

The cat food story is priceless!

myapplesofgoldblog said...

Loved reading your time with Olivia! I miss those baby years! They are so stinkin' cute at that age!