Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up {I love routine…but not painting}

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh how I was looking forward to this week.

I am not a fan of the chaos and exhaustion that moving brings.  And while I don’t stick to a very strict schedule, I am a stickler about my routine.  Even though I caught yet another cold, and spent all of Tuesday evening through Wednesday in bed, we did manage to find our routine and boy was it nice!


Back to our Circle Time/Calendar Time routine in our new school room.  We have a bit more space around our board, but we really need some more light in the room.


Back to spelling tests, book reports, and math.  This week Isaac did a bit of pre-algebra!


Back to our Abraham Bible study using our inductive study methods.  Nate says it’s his favorite part of the day Smile .


Back to trying to teach Elaina to read.  Oye…she really doesn’t want to try yet.


Elaina did have fun getting back to all of her other school work saying, “Wow Mom, school is actually fun!”  haha….funny girl!


She did a new Book Pack I made her for the Poky Little Puppy


And worked through a bit of Abraham stuff  with the boys.


Olivia did some too.  She loved this game from here.


She had fun working through the Poky Little Puppy and Dogs packs.  I am amazed at how well she works through the worksheets and how motivated she is to try new things.



She played with the Feed the Dog set, Blue Knobless Cylinders, and Blue Discovery Box a bunch this week.

She is also potty training!  I’d say she’s doing great about 95% of the time.  She’s even been waking up from naps dry.  Atta girl!  You have no idea how happy I am at the idea of not changing diapers anymore. WoooHooo!!!


And me?  Well, I’m still painting.  Painting shelves, painting trim, painting cabinets…..


I started with our main floor bath/laundry room because I seem to spend a lot of time in there between potty training Olivia and all the laundry I do.  I couldn’t stand all of the different colors of wood in this one small room!  Four of them.  Four different stains of wood in one room.  Bleh….


Looks way better now, though the paint on the walls needs to be re-done. 


And it still screams, “Look!  I have a bright yellow toilet!”  Oh well.  A girls gotta try.


Saul worked really hard over the weekend cleaning out the garage.  We can actually park in there now!  All of the kids have had fun riding their bikes and scooters in this warm weather we’ve been having.  This picture of Isaac cracks me up!  He and Elaina were putting up signs and flags in the yard for a game they made up.  I guess he forgot he still had his helmet on Smile

That’s about it around here.

What’s new with you?

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Mrs. Random said...

I feel ya on the mismatched wood. My small kitchen has 5 different types of wood cabinets and two different counters. And yet, I've been too chicken to paint the cabinets.

mrsthurin said...

Wow! You got so much done. I love all your pictures. "giggles" at you comment about the yellow toilet. I actually think your bathroom looks nice. A white toilet would probably look out of place.

Brittney said...

Yay for the potty training! We moved two months ago, and I'm just finding our new routine. :)