Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up (Pajama Week?)

Isaac spent a good part of the week in his pajamas.  It could likely have something to do with not having any pants that fit him.  But equally as suspicious is the thought that he could have a week off from laundry duty.


How does that happen, anyway?  One week all of the kids’ clothing fits him fine and the next he’s grunting at the table complaining of how tight the waist of his jeans are.  I told him to be sure to wear his stretchy pants for Thanksgiving dinner.  This boy of mine can really pack away the food….Don’t even tell me it’s just getting started.  We all have had the privilege of watching him go through the buffet line for his birthday, and seven passes through the food line later we all took turns rolling him out of the restaurant.  True story.  (kidding…)


He is awfully sweet to his sisters and I often find him entertaining Olivia, or crafting something with Elaina.  My heart be still….



Elaina and I already did a bunch of Thanksgiving themed work last week, but I thought it would be fun for a little book extension for Cranberry Thanksgiving.  She explored a bit with fresh Cranberries, noting their appearance and taste before starting with the rest.



She guessed if they would float or not and then cleaned them up.  We watched a video about how they grow, and then did a fun experiment on the balance scale.



Of course we made the recipe in the back of the book, but added chocolate and omitted the raisins.




There were lots of messes this week, starting with a big cat food spill and ending with a messy paw-print painted floor.  The cat did not enjoy his bath, or having paint on both his back and his feet.  I should know better than to leave a tray of paint on the floor, but in my defense, Olivia was calling “help me” from the bathroom and I was afraid of what would ensue if I didn’t quickly go to help her out of whatever mess she had found in there. 

Basically it was a lose-lose for me, with a big ol poopy mess in the bathroom and then a black paw printed mess on my floors.  Don’t forget my clothing as the said cat tried to escape the sudsy weapon of torture (aka bathtub).

I’m telling you, if your life is dull, try having a kid or four.  Add a pet in the mix and you’ll never ever be able to complain about living a boring existence.  Promise.


The black paint did come in handy though and I managed to paint our very dull and boring wood door to this beautiful two toned one.  I LOVE how it turned out and am now re-contemplating painting all of our interior doors black.  I guess it’s a new trend

While I was at it, I painted my cute dresser black too.  It is nearly falling apart, but as it was my grandmothers, I hate the idea of passing it on.  Now I really want a new table, or at least to re-finish the one I have.  Anyone want to come help?


Saul finished taking down the upper cupboard to make room for my wrought iron pot rack.  It was quite a task, one I’m sure I’ll have to find a way to re-pay him for.  In the end, the special tool to take out the stripped screws didn’t end up working.  Instead he had to drill each head off, and pry and pull until it finally came down.  The space is so much more open and functional now, and I know I won’t regret asking him to do it.


This week was mostly about food:  Cooking it, eating it, and my least favorite – cleaning up after it.  We had an incredible Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, and all of the food was amazing!  As much as I love Thanksgiving, I love the leftovers even more.  I can usually get away without cooking for a few days as we get our fill of turkey sandwiches, potato pancakes, and frog-eye salad to last us until next year.



Nate had zero interest in the crafting and cooking that we all did this week, but he did crack us up with his wacky dance moves.

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

That’s a peek at our week!  How was yours?

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