Saturday, January 26, 2013

Peek at our Week {Changing it up}

Well, my weekend didn’t go exactly how I planned for it to.

We all ended up with another stomach bug, and spent the weekend completely miserable.  I really don’t understand how one family can be sick as much as we are…



Fortunately, we were all better by Tuesday, so we could try out our new school routine.

We’ve had so many breaks from our lessons, that now we really have to buckle down and get as much done as possible.  I decided to switch up our schedule and do the boys’ school first thing in the morning.  They do Bible, spelling, and history together, with me. Then they are free to work on their independent studies through the day: math, reading, and writing.  I usually have about an hour or so before lunch to work with Elaina, and my part of school is done with in the morning. 

So far, it’s working really well.  We’ve been able to cover twice as much as we had been doing on a daily basis.  It also gives them more of a push to get their own work done, rather than lolly-gagging around and having to be reminded to stay on task all day.



In our Abraham study, the boys learned about the old and new covenant, the tabernacle, and the torn veil. 


In history we are finally moving past the Pilgrims.  The boys have done a great job on their “Make-Your-Own-History” books.  I’m hoping to finish up with history in the next month, so that we can start on our science unitThat might be wishfull thinking though...


The boys and I went on a nice long hike one day this week.  It was fun spending some time alone with them! 


Elaina asked to do a theme unit on oceans, so we got out our Ocean Pack and lots of other fun themed activities. 




Olivia had a really off week, and was difficult to entertain.  She’d sit and work for a few minutes and then was done.  Now I know why she was so whiny…she came down with chicken pox on Saturday!  Poor Baby…



Friday we got together with our good friends for Fun Friday.  We did a Dinosaur theme and the kids had a lot of fun.  I feel terrible though that we’ve accidently exposed them all to the pox…..




We ate a lot of comfort food this week – soups and breads and chocolate.  This Tuscan Sausage Soup is a new favorite of mine.




We finally got around to removing the tack strips in the upstairs hall bath.  A lot of the wood was rotten, and part of the subfloor too.  This is turning out to be a bigger project than we were planning on…

The girls were having a hard time keeping up with all of their toys in their room, so we moved nearly all of it down to the play room in the basement.  It’s amazing how much stuff two little girls need to keep busy!


I'm not sure what this week will bring for us.   Since Olivia has chicken pox, we'll be home-bound.  I'm sure that Elaina is next to follow suit, but hopefully the boys won't get it since they were vaccinated.

It would be so nice to get a break from illness that lasts longer than a week.  But truthfully, this time of year is usually like this for us. 

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