Friday, January 11, 2013

Peek at our Week {not back yet}

Our Weekly Wrap-Up



Christmas decorations are put away. 

Company has gone.



We’re trying to get back into our groove after a busy holiday season.


We’re back to eating healthier…


Back to school…well sort of….


Back to the stacks and piles of laundry….


And back to naps.  Oh sweet naps how I’ve missed you…..


We’ve spent a fair amount of the week playing, resting, catching up on chores, and slowly…ever so slowly bringing back routine.


Isaac checked out a book from the library called, “Robot Experiments”, and has spent the week begging for electronic devices to disassemble for parts.  I can’t even imagine the disaster in his room from all the little pieces, so I’ve been brainstorming ways to allow him to build and tinker without so much mess.  Any suggestions?



Nate has done a fair amount of building with his new Lego sets and playing outside.  He read about 30 books during our break from school and I was happy that he took a bit of a break from reading this week.  Reading is good, but little boys need to run and play and imagine too.



Elaina has been unusually wild this week, and believe it or not actually begging me to start up her lessons again.  She was so excited to get back to The Homeschool Academy on Wednesday that she chattered all afternoon, filling me in on every detail of the day.  I love how she opens up and shares with me still, although some days, it’s difficult to keep up with all of her drama.
She’s been drawing a lot, and slowly gaining confidence in herself as a young artist. I have more drawings from her than I know what to do with. Smile



Olivia has been a busy little bee this week and is now regularly playing by herself.  She helps herself to the school closet, chooses a bin of toys, and sits down to play.  When she is done playing she cleans up her mess and moves on to something else.  I put her through a bit of TV detox this week too, in order to get ready for next week, when we return to our schedule.  She still asks to watch “Sheep” about a hundred times a day, but is throwing less tantrums when we tell her NO.

Less tantrums is good.  Really good.


We had a few warmer days this week which allowed for some much needed outdoor time for the kids.  It’s crazy how much better they sleep, how much less trouble they find, and how much quieter the house is when they get outside and run….




And me? 

Well I’ve had a hard week. 

I just can’t shake this exhaustion I feel and it’s really starting to steal my joy.  My head keeps telling me all the things I need to be doing, but my body keeps refusing to cooperate. I’ve become a bit of a nag and a complainer, and I’m really ready for that to stop!   I fully intended last week, that we would start back up with lessons and be back to our routine this week.  But alas…here it is Friday and we have done neither yet.



I’ve done very minimal cooking this week.  I made a Turkey and all of the fixins, so we’ve been eating off of that for a few days now.  Thank goodness for leftovers….and McDonalds.


I’ve also been going through our homeschool plans for this winter/spring.  We’ve gotten a bit behind schedule, but after 4 years I’ve mastered the fine art of winging-it during school.  I know better than to be bothered by the little details that really don’t matter in the long run.  Hopefully we can get caught up on the basics and squeeze in a bit of the extras along the way.


This weekend I plan to rest as much as possible.  Maybe do a bit of crafting if I feel the urge.  I recently learned a new way to make hair bows, so I might sit and do that too.  Probably what I need is a mommy break.  A bit of a vacation from my vacation….

But that may have to wait for another day.

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Nichole said...

This is always the time of year that I get burned out on school. I don't have anything helpful to offer, sadly. I hope things improve soon!

Erin D said...

Sounds like everything will go more smoothly if you actually give yourself permission to rest (easier said than done - I'm terrible at taking my own advice as I sit here coughing on the keyboard). It still looks like a fun week!

Chris Tilley (@hhtales) said...

I like your pile of laundry. Laundry has always been the bain of my SAHD existence. I always keep up on the washing but the sorting and folding well...

From almost 3 years ago. It is better now. I taught my older two to do their own but it still sometime gets out of control.