Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up {Happy New Year!}

We started off the week with family pictures.

They were a Christmas gift from my sister and brother in law. A really AWESOME gift!  {Thank you guys!}  It’s been about 6 years since we’ve had a formal family portrait done, which means Olivia isn’t even in any of our wall mounted pictures.  Yea.  I know.  Pretty bad.


Saul and the boys all got hair cuts that morning.  I should know better than to do that the morning of pictures, but we had just been too busy to get it done earlier.


The pictures turned out great!  Even though it was freezing cold, very cloudy, and Olivia pretty much cried the whole time.  I can’t wait to have some new portraits hanging on our walls!  I’m having some pretty serious camera envy of the one my sister has….drool!  I’d love to have anything fancier than the point and shoot that I use…


My parents took us to the movie The Hobbit that evening while my brother and his sweet girlfriend babysat all of the kids.  We loved the movie and the chance to go together.  I ate so much popcorn that my lips turned pruny from the salt...


I’ve cut waayy back on the baking I was doing last month.  I’m so shocked that I didn’t gain any weight this month.  I did make Chocolate Chip Scones again.  Elaina is my official helper whenever I make them.  She brushes them with butter and sprinkles sugar on top.


Monday we took the kids to Focus on the Family to play and burn out some of their pent-up energy.  It’s been so freezing cold here that playing outside hasn’t been too fun. 


We stayed in for New Years and celebrated with our family from Tucson.  Junk food, games, and movies.  It was fun!  We all said our New Years resolutions again, though I’m having a hard time remembering what everyone said….oh….I’m getting old.



Most of the week was pretty laid back.  You can see our First Day post here. The kids spent a lot of time playing and getting to know their new cousin Gia.  She is absolutely darling and I am so happy that we have gotten to spend so much time with her.  It was pretty great spending time with my sister and brother in law too Winking smile.






My parents are leaving Monday for Tucson.  They’ve been here for a month and I’m sure, are ready for some peace and quiet.  We’re praying for them as they start on their new adventure!  My mom has done about a million loads of dishes while she was here.  I think she may be ready to invest in a stash of paper products for when they move…

We’ve all taken turns being sick, and now I guess it’s my turn.  I’m planning a very lazy weekend, though I should be packing Christmas away.  The kids have been asking when we’ll start back with school, and I’m kind of undecided about it.  As much as I am ready for routine again,  taking a few more days off sounds pretty nice right now.  I guess we’ll just play it by ear.

That’s about it around here.  How was your New Year?


Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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