Saturday, January 17, 2015

new year, new plan

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I’ve been a little quiet around here lately.

I’ve been sharing our pictures, but holding back on sharing much more than that.  Change is upon us, yet again, and I’d be a fool to try and convince anyone that I’m doing okay with it.

After a four month debut of public school, Isaac is home once again with us.  Ultimately  the decision was simple, although not easy - he endured a lot of bullying, an incredibly disrespectful and constantly disruptive learning environment, as well as making no academic strides.  It no longer made sense to keep him there.


Bringing him home has brought yet another season of change, one that some members of the family have not warmly embraced.  A certain young lady, who insists that he will “ruin everything”, “take girl time away from us”, and is just generally grumpy and mopey.

oh girl…

I get it.  I really really do.  Part of me was mopey and grumpy letting go of the homeschool that we were enjoying so much.  After enduring some really difficult years, this past fall was super sweet and fun and re-sparked my love of teaching my kids.



The time I’ve had with these girls has been so good for all of us, and we will get our season again. 


But now it’s time to pour back into Isaac.  To encourage, to love, to teach, and to nurture.


Our days are not yet running smoothly, but that isn’t anything new.  A bit of time will certainly change that.  Emotions are running kind of crazy, especially as the kids get used to new routine, and as Isaac gets used to my expectations once again.



We pretty much started back up where we left off at the end of summer:  Isaac is working through Ancient History, grade level math and Language Arts, and has joined Elaina for Ocean Science.  I’m keeping it really simple right now and focusing on quality of work over quantity, as well as providing ample time for building life skills, personal responsibility, and expressing his creativity. 

I want him to begin to enjoy learning again.

I want him to feel safe and secure.

But mostly I want to enjoy this season with my son!


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kusler family said...

The greatest regret I've had was to put my kids in public school... though I know not all kids do poorly in public school in my situation it was not a good experience... the first year of homeschooling after public school was the detox period... and at times still working on it... Ive come to realize just because it's hard doesn't mean it's not right... we are learning and stretching and growing... praying for you as you readjust and will find new difficulties as well as learn from old ones... Bless you friend!!!