Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Frog Preschool Printables

Free Frog Printables

I made Olivia a small pack of frog themed activities for her Posh Princess Preschool letter F.  I thought it would be fun to share them here!

Frog 7Frog 1

This is a pretty small pack of activities, only 8 pages.  Just perfect for her attention span right now.

It includes:
letter Ff play-dough page
Cut & Paste Frogs
Counting Flies
Coloring shapes & colors
Frog roll and graph


Frog 3Frog 2


I made these cards with the hopes that I would be able to find plastic flies to use with them.  No such luck.  In the end we used mathlinks and they were okay.  I'm still going to try and find those silly flies!


Frog 6


I wasn't sure she would like this activity but she LOVED it!  She really took her time and followed the color key exactly.

Frog 4Frog 5


Roll and Graphs are always a hit around here.  Both of the girls played this one a few times.

She had a lot of fun with this activity pack!  Ready to print your own set?  Click here

Free Frog Printable Pack

To see the rest of Olivia’s frog week:  Click here

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