Saturday, October 26, 2013

Peek at our Week {my little actor,goodbyes, and trunk-or-treat}

I can hardly believe the month is almost over!

Where does the time go?

(Gosh that makes me sound OLD…)

We had a week with beautiful fall weather.  The kids are soaking up the sunshine and the warm-ish days we’ve been getting.


Nothing like playing a little football on a crisp fall day.  Or football-soccer.  Nevermind they own like three footballs…



We had a pretty normal sort of week, with lots of school, lots of messes, and a fair amount of fussing.  The kids are mostly over being sick, but we haven’t done much in the way of getting out and were kind of making each other crazy.

The van starting leaking a mystery fluid too, so that had me worried a bit about taking any long road trips.


The kids are all plugging away with their lessons.  I’m trying my hardest to keep Elaina interested but she just can’t be bothered with doing “boring” school. I know for sure that if she were in a public classroom, I’d be getting called about this social butterfly not getting her schoolwork done.  I’m also sure that I was never accused of the same thing…ahem


I figured it was time to go over money with Elaina after she asked me at the grocery store if she could “spend some of these green paper thingy’s”…..aye…..




I learned how to dye salt for Olivia’s new sensory bin.  It’s easy and cheap and fun.

Until the six year old spits in it to make “mud”….

Not that MY child would ever do such a thing.


Olivia finally finished up with her F is for Frog unit after taking 2 weeks to complete it.  She was more interested in watching Sesame Street and playing with grandma’s kindle or riding her new big girl bike to be bothered with school.


Nate turned 9 on Sunday.  He got a new bike and some cash, which he promptly spent that day on Legos.


Isaac had his very first performance at the Arts Academy this week.  He only had a few speaking lines, but he did great!

We already knew he was a great actor though.  Smile





After the performance I took all the kids to the Halloween store in my never ending pursuit of finding plastic flies.  The shopping trip was fruitless but fun.  If you are in to that sort of thing.


Friday morning my parents left for Tucson.  They’ll be there all winter.  Something about not liking the snow.  As if…



Saturday I took the kids to Trunk-or-Treat.  They had so much fun, and I was totally impressed with the creativity everyone had!



Olivia was the only one who made it through all of the trunks.  The older kids ran off to the jump-houses and cake walk.


Saul works again this weekend.  We are planning to chill mostly, and I have some big school projects I am working on, including a major clean-up of my kitchen counters.

By the end of most weeks, my kitchen counter is crazy full.  Even the cat tries to get lost in the mess.  Nobody around here really knows how to clean up after themselves, including me.


Why do it now, when it can wait until the weekend?

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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