Saturday, October 5, 2013

Peek at our Week {Math, Dinos, and Sopapillas}

We had a good, but busy week.

Gosh it’s nice to be able to say that!

So far school is going really well.  The kids have settled into our routine and most days go pretty smooth.



Math is the one subject that I have wondered if I would be able to teach the kids.  I always liked math and did well in my math classes.  But explaining how to solve the problems is what I’m not too certain about.

Isaac’s working on Order of Operations in his math.  That kind of got my head spinning.  It took us a bit to work through it but he finally got the hang of it. 


Tuesday was First Day.  You can click here to see it.



Isaac is doing really well in his studies.  He is getting ready for his first play at the Arts Academy.  Now we just need to figure out what kind of costume a Colonial Separatist would wear…


Nate has had a rough week.

This is pretty typical for him around this time of year.  We are lucky enough to have a fairly smooth fall this year because we haven’t had to move, or have any major life changing events on top of everything else.




He is loving having his Grandpa around, who almost always offers to play some kind of ball with him once school is over.  They even got to go on a nice long hike together once this week.


I ended up changing the kids’ chores around a bit. There has been a bit of adjustment, but overall they are doing well.  I run a pretty tight ship around here, especially during school days. 



Elaina is still little miss sketchy-pants.

I’ve allowed her to do a lot of drawing as part of her daily lessons.  This week we used Journal prompts to help reinforce the kids’ understanding of adverbs and different ways to incorporate them into their writing.  They loved being surprised each day at what I found for them to choose from.



Elaina is nearly done with her first math book!  We started doing some extra games and activities to stretch it out a bit, since she is way ahead of the game.  We got out the Building Thinking Skills book and pattern blocks for a break in our routine.


I’m still trying to figure out what to do about Elaina’s reading curriculum.  Right now, we are completely winging it, using the same tools I did with the boys.  Sometimes she digs it, but she is my workbook girl and really prefers that style of learning for now.



The kids are nearly done with the Marsupial unit (Apologia Zoo 3).  They learned 3 animals in Draw Write Now Book 7: the Kangaroo, the Koala, and the Opossum.

(Love these drawings!!!!)



Olivia learned letter D is for Dinosaur this week.  I wasn’t too sure that she would like it but she really enjoyed it.  You can click here to see the separate post.

Letter D


My parents are staying with us for a bit while they wait for a part for their RV.  It’s nice to have them spending some time with us before heading south for the winter.  They brought Olivia a two wheeled bike, and it only took her an hour to warm up to it.  After that, I couldn’t stop her from riding it all over the house!  Such a big girl!





Good Eats Mudpies and Makeup

We had a lot of yummy breakfasts this week!

I tried out a new one, French Toast Casserole with Apple Cider Syrup







One night after having Tostadas, I made some Sopapillas.  The kids LOVED them!  Of course, how can you not love a bit of fried-dough-smothered-in-honey-goodness???


My mom and I went thrifting together on Saturday and then she took me out to lunch afterward.  We both couldn’t resist the Quiche Lorraine.  I’ll jump at any opportunity to have “girl food”.

Saturday night we hosted Game Night again.  It’s always a lot of fun!  Especially when Aunt Mary and Tim bring pizza, pop, and candy.  Thank you guys!

Our Weekly Wrap-Up

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