Friday, January 27, 2012

fun friday

I love to reward my kids, after a great week of school, with “Fun Friday”. 
We usually try to do all of our schooling in 4 days a week. 
If everyone has been cooperating, and completed their work with a cheerful heart,
 then Friday becomes our fun school! 
 We do lots of art projects, crafts, science experiments, learning games,
educational movies, computer games, and usually a fun snack. 
Sometimes we go on a field trip, or invite our friends over to join us!

fun friday

On the grid (from left to right):
1.  Maddie.  She had the prettiest Rainbow Fish!
2.  Isaac who was by far the messiest.
3.  Nate and Ben who never stopped laughing that day.
4.  Elaina carefully filling in her fish.
5.  Ben.
6.  Elaina and Olivia playing with baby Samantha. 
7.  Gracie {with the cutest cheese smile!} 
8.  Nate counting his play money. 
9.  Baby Samantha, catching some Zzzzzz….

Now that's a lot of kids.  Count them.  There are 8!

I read them The Rainbow Fish and the kids helped tell the story with our cute felt board set.  Then they made their own Rainbow Fish via crayon resist and water colors.  And for some fish bling we embossed some silver scales on top.  The kids played Hyperdash outside, and then Sports Market Game for some money counting practice.  We made homemade pizza.  The kids gobbled it up (next time making two!)  And enjoyed some delish funfetti cupcakes.

So much fun!

Already planning the next one…


Jenny K said...

This is a great idea!

Homegrown Learners said...

I'm so glad you linked with Collage Friday... I'm following your blog now and am looking forward to reading more.

I love the idea of a Fun Friday - sometimes I say we're going to do that, but rarely follow through. You are inspiring me. :-)

Have a wonderful week!