Sunday, January 22, 2012

sing a song

If you were to peak into our house,
 at any given moment,
 there is one thing you are most likely to hear. 
I crank up the iPod early in the morning,
 praise music filling our breakfast and chore routines. 
Then out come the kids jams, songs for school, and bible lessons. 
 Lunch is often filled with audio books.
 Dr. Seuss is a favorite latley. 
At some point in time, Olivia begs to listen to The Band
and out come the videos wherin we all seems to dance a little crazy-like. 
After quiet time is over, the tunes start back up again,
either in form of two little darling girls I get to call my daughters,
or CD's with dance music, (Grease and Mama Mia being favored lately). 
With all that music around, it's no wonder
 that Olivia has learned to sing, even before speaking much. 

I just had to video her. 
 I think these types of memories are
 too easily missed and forgotten if not captured on video. 
 The sweet way their voice sounds. 
The cute gestures they have. 
 Not to mention the adorable pig-tails!

Hope you enjoy...

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Jenny K said...

That was so cute and precious! Thanks for sharing it!