Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tot School - 25.5 Months

Poor baby had a rough couple of weeks, so school has been hit or miss. 
 It did seem to help distract her when she wasn’t feeling well though.


She did a little from our Monster Tot Pack
 This is size sorting biggest to smallest. 
 She points to them and assigns a family name to each…
Daddy, Isaac, Nate, Elaina, and Olivia.


She placed the shapes on top of the monsters head,
 and we practiced saying the colors and names of the shapes.


She requested to do a lot of coloring with the dry erase markers….


I had these mice out for an activity with Elaina and she wanted to play with them. 
We lined them up on the magnet board and counted them. 
 She had the most fun though, just pouring them in and out of their container!


We went through lots of books, as usual. 
 She is loving this one now, B is for Bear.



I had her put straws into an old grated cheese container. 
This occupied her for a very long time and she asked to do it often this week.


She is really starting to enjoy playing with Play-doh…


And mashed it into the letter N Play-doh page.


She did the letter N is for Nest magnet page with our pom pom magnets.


And did some lacing…


I got out the teddy bears again, and this time a mini ice-cube tray for her to place them into.




I just recently found these Three Bear Family Pattern and Sequencing Cards at the thrift store for $1. 
She is too young for them but she enjoyed lining them up anyway.




She got to wear rollers in her hair for the first time this week. 
 I was completely amazed that she slept in them all night. 
 Her hair is just a little too short for these curls,
but it sure looked cute up in a curly pony tail the next day!


This day she was really sick, but wanted to do school so bad just like her sister. 
She sat and colored quietly for a long time.



 Despite not feeling well, she still smiled a lot! 
 I am so praying that our family finds health next week!




Brittney said...

Sweet smiles! So sorry to hear about the sickness and praying everyone gets well!

I love the idea of putting the teddy bear counters into the ice cube tray.

Bronwyn said...

Sorry about the sickness - really hope you are all well next week. They look so cute with all the rollers in their hair!

Mommy Cameron | Raising the Cameron Clan said...

What a fun week! I like the straws in the container activity. I will definitely be introducing this idea to my youngest soon.

Victoria said...

I hope the germies are all behind you! It looks like she had a great time with the activities you made for her. I *just* washed out an old parmesan container so we'll be trying that out this week, although I didn't know what to put in it - straws are a great idea!

Jenny K said...

She did great with her bears!

Hope all of you are feeling better next week!

Erin said...

Aww I hope she feels better! She looks like she had a fun week! It's so cute that she gave all the monsters family names!

Allison said...

What an awesome thrift store find! I hope your sweet girl feels better this week.

Amanda said...

I am off to find that monster pack. My son is on a monster kick. Hope your little feels better soon.

Ms. Amber said...

:-) We empathize. We've had a rough few weeks here too. Hoping that this week all goes smoothly and nothing happens for your family and mine!

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~ LaVonne said...

great ideea w/ the mini-ice cube tray & bears! thanks for sharing! you always show some unique ideas! :)