Monday, January 2, 2012

Party for a Princess

She wanted a pinata. 
And a princess cake. 
 We gathered to celebrate her and bless her 5th year. 

She is a beautiful girl,
dark brown wavy hair nearly to her waist. 
Bright, almond shaped eyes frame her baby round face. 
She’s grown  much taller this year,
 and is often mistaken for an older child. 

Endearing and sweet,
 yet bossy and determined,
 her very character dominates our days. 
There is a song for every occasion,
 a twirl of her skirt and a curtsy that follows. 
 A love for God, and for all his creatures.

She chose Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and bacon for her Birthday Breakfast.

We started her day with our traditional story telling. 

She delights in listening to her life:
 the day we first celebrated our miracle,
 and then the day she kicked her way into the world,
water spilling down,
 bringing with it
a perfectly pink little dark haired princess.

 And how I couldn’t put her down,
or share her with anyone. 
 How I cried thinking about putting her to sleep in her crib,
 until her grandma went and bought a cradle,
 and then I just tucked her under my arm to sleep anyway.

How my heart skipped a beat just to feed her,
my body able to nourish her
 and grow her in that precious way that God designed. 
How I wore her like an accessory,
until she squirmed her way out, ready to conquer to world. 

What a story it is,
 to really know and feel how loved you are.





We ended her day with a blessing,
our special prayer over her upcoming year. 
 A prayer for growth, and health,
protection and guidance. 
 A pouring out of love that each of our children get
while being tucked into bed. 
 No matter what has filled the time between,
 the beginning and end remain the same. 
 An intentional honoring of the child,
 a celebration of them.
Happy Birthday my dear one! 
You are loved beyond measure!

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