Monday, May 14, 2012

10 Random Things About Me…

1.  I really like to watch musicals.  I used to watch them with my Grandmom.  My two favorites are OKLAHOMA!, and Sound of Music.

2.  I LOVE to shop at thrift stores.  I love the good deals that I find, but mostly I just love the time alone, searching through all that stuff!  I think garage sales are fun too, but I almost always have the kids with me and so they much less relaxing.

3.  My favorite candies are Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffles.  I almost never share them…
4.  I am completely annoyed by people eating with their mouths open, or eating noisily.  There is rarely a meal that passes where I am not asking someone to please chew with your lips closed.

5.  I wish I was more athletic.  I am so poorly coordinated, and afraid of being hit by a ball, that I usually avoid any involvement in sporting activities.  Think John Travolta in Grease…
6.  I am a Certified Lactation Consultant.  I went through the course before I graduated from Nursing School.

7.  I really like to craft.  Some crafts I enjoy are: making hair bows, jewelry, painting, flower arranging, scrapbooking, card making, decorating, and sewing.

8.  I taught myself to cook when I was a pre-teen, by watching lots of Cooking with Julia on PBS.  What?  That’s not what normal 12 year old girls do for fun?

9.  I don’t like to drive.

10.  I tend to make a lot of strange sound effects when I am talking, especially when I’m telling a story.  It always makes Saul laugh, even though I don’t do it on purpose.

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