Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kitten Update {2 weeks}


Oh these little kitties are growing so fast!  They are about double their birth size now.  I noticed last night that they have grown whiskers too.


They usually sleep like this, piled on top of each other when they aren’t nursing.  We’ve kept them in our master closet, which is not ideal, but it seems the only place we can keep them locked away from the 8 sets of hands that want to keep picking them up.

They have grown tiny little claws this week and started to open their eyes.  I have even been hissed at by two of them, since their sense of smell is strengthening too.


Maycee has tried to move the kittens a couple of times. So we left her alone with them with very minimal interaction for a couple of days, and that has seemed to help her feel more secure with keeping them in the box.


She wasn’t too fond of the idea that I had moved the box to get a few pictures of them.  She is a great momma and still very protective!


(Click here to see them on their birthday.)

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